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Liquid Bulk Packaging Systems
Tote Configurations
Bag in Box Tote Liquid Systems

Transcom Bag in Box Tote Liquid System and Industry Applications

Transcom disposable bulk liquid packaging system has been designed to provide with:

  • Space saving
  • Labor saving
  • User’s friendly

Assembly Advantage

All LiquiSet products are made in one-component liquid tote system. The assembly takes less than one minute using one person.

Space Advantage

LiquiSet I can be stacked 16 high including pallet, box and bag and LiquiSet II can be stacked 24 high including box and bag when empty.

Transportation Advantage

LiquiSet I per 53’ truck load 208
LiquiSet I per 20’ and 40’ ocean container 70 and 160 respectively

LiquiSet II per 53’ truck load 280 including box and bag
LiquiSet II per 20’ and 40’ ocean container 100 and 216 respectively.

Cassette Advantage

LiquiSet products carry a cassette liner which is pre-installed and uniquely folded to maximize the tote system capacity.

LiquiSet I (carries special pallet)

Capacity     Outside Dimensions    Pallet Size
220 Gallon     42 x 42 x 43               42 x 42
1000 Liter      45 x 45 x 45               45 x 45
275 Gallon     48 x 48 x 42.5            48 x 48
330 Gallon     48 x 48 x 48               48 x 48

Liquiset II

Blue color represents 48 x 40 pallet size

Capacity      Outside Dimensions      Pallet Size

220 Gallon        45 x 45 x 37                45 x 45
220  Gallon       48 x 40 x 37                48 x 40
1000Liter          45 x 45 x 42.5             45 x 45
1000 Liter         48 x 40 x 44.5             48 x 40
275 Gallon        45 x45 x44                  45 x 45
275 Gallon        48 x 40 x 45.5             48 x 40

Liquid liner for LiquiSet products:

There are verities of liquid liner available by Transcom International.

  • Materials: Polyethylene, nylon, oxygen barrier, e.v.oh.
  • Style: Pillow, form fit, open top, snouted
  • Discharge: 2” and 3” npt, buttress, butterfly valve.

Discharge System

  • 2” ball or gate valve.
  • 2” and 3” crown cutter valve

LiquiSet for Export

LiquiSet 1000 liter is an ideal IBC for exporting non-hazardous liquids. LiquiSet I special pallet is heat treated and certified for export. The LiquiSet II - 275 gallon (1040 liter) can also be used inside an ocean container if you do not have any vessel weight restrictions.

LiquiSet Usage Versus Drums

  • LiquiSet reduces your handling charge; One tote versus 5 drums
  • LiquiSet reduces your space requirements
  • Inside one 20’ ocean container you can ship 5280 gallons in LiquiSet totes versus 4400 gallons in drums

LiquiSet 48 x 40

If you are using standard 48 x 40 pallet in your plant, LiquiSet II ranging from 220-275 gallon is an ideal liquid bulk packaging for your operations.


All LiquiSet products can be stacked three high.


  • LiquiSet I has been tested using 12.4 lbs per gallon liquids and satisfies ISTA requirements.
  • LiquiSet II has been tested with 11 lbs per gallon liquids and satisfies ISTA requirements.
  • Cage Liner is NMFC rated

Product Application

Apple juice, buttermilk, cattle tallow, cocoa, coconut oil, cod liver oil, coffee, cream, whipped, detergents, liquid eggs, formaldehyde, fruit juice, grapefruit juice, hair shampoo, honey, horseradish, ink, lard, lemon juice, lemonade, liquid sugars, lubricants, maize sprout oil, margarine, marmalade, mayonnaise, milk, mineral water, molasses, mustard, olive oil, orange juice, palm oil, paraffin, peanut oil, salad oil, animal, salad oil, vegetable, saltwater, sauerkraut, silicone, soap, liquid, sorbitol, soy.

Industry classifications:
Liquid Bulk Packaging and disposable tote system.Totes systems for shipping of Liquid Products. Disposable tote system and intermediate bulk container. Disposable tote for liquid bulk packaging. Tote system, bag in box system and bulk containers for shipping liquid products (liquid bulk packaging) and non-hazardous chemicals. Intermediate bulk containers for liquid (bulk liquid packaging) and food grade packaging application. One way disposable container.



Liquid liner


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