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Benchtop Materials Testing Machines 1kN – 10kN Capacity
Benchtop Materials Testing Machines 25kN – 75kN Capacity
Impact Systems - Models IT406 and IT542 Pendulum Impact Testers
Model IT504 and IT503 Plastic Impact Testing Systems
Impact Specimen Notcher

Models IT406 and IT542 Pendulum Impact Testers for both Charpy and Izod Configuration

Tinius Olsen manufactures a range of different pendulum impact testers that can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration. These testers come in a couple of capacities and are designed primarily for either plastics or metals impact testing.

All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application.

Highly accurate and easy to use way to determine actual energy needed to initiate fracture of plastic and metallic material. Tinius Olsen's Instrumented Charpy Impact System innovative design features a high-speed system response that can accurately capture high-speed events such as the inertial rise during initial impact and brittle fracture. There are no electronic filters, which distort the actual load-time relationship. There is no need to enter large correction factors (measured force multipliers) to bring the integrated energy into agreement with the total absorbed energy as measured by the digital indicating system. Overall operational safety and testing efficiency is greatly increased by the elimination of optical triggers.

Models IT406 and IT542 - Pendulum Impact Testers

Tinius Olsen’s pendulum impact testers are versatile and reliable machines designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, EN10045-2 and ISO 148. Today, the Model IT406 and the Model IT542 are widely recognized as the standards of the industry for impact testing.

Optional Equipment:

  • Digital Display, Motorized Return, "Low Blow" Fixture, Lateral Expansion Gage, Electrical Brake, Instrumented Impact System for full-sized and miniature specimens.
  • Technical References: ASTM E23; ISO 442, ISO 148

The model IT 406 provides maximum testing versatility. Easy insertion of interchangeable striking bits in the pendulum head quickly adapts the machine for either Charpy or Izod testing. A notch on the rear of the pendulum head allows optional tooling to be fitted for performing tension impact tests.

A safety lock holds the pendulum in its raised position and assures a vibration-free release when activated. Once released, the pendulum quickly reaches the impact velocity of 5.47 m/s (17.0 ft/s) and has a maximum available energy of 406 J (300 ft.lbf) to impact the sample.

The superior design and construction of the model IT406 ensures maximum testing accuracy and repeatability. When the machine is properly installed and leveled, the total frictional and windage losses during the pendulum swing are guaranteed not to exceed 0.5% of the energy range.

Direct indication of the energy absorbed by the broken sample is given by a mechanical pointer on a graduated scale. This scale can be supplied in ft.lbf, J, or kg.m. For ease of use, a digital display can be fitted to the machine to provide more results on the test. It is recommended that this display be added at the time of order.

Tinius Olsen offers a number of options to make the operation of the impact tester easier—from a simple electric brake to stop the swinging pendulum, to an automatic motorized return, eliminating the need for any operator involvement other than releasing the pendulum. The digital display is included in this last option and provides the trigger to energize the motor, which stops the swinging pendulum at the optimal position and returns it to the latched starting point. The time from pendulum release to return can be as little as 10 seconds, which means that over 400 tests per day can be made with minimal effort.

Tinius Olsen can also provide a low blow fixture that allows Charpy, Izod, or tension impact tests to be performed at any of 55 velocity/energy levels from the maximum of 5.47 m/s (17.9 ft/s) down to 0.13 m/s (0.4 ft/s). For high traffic areas, Tinius Olsen can supply a complete enclosure for the machine so that the swinging hammer and broken specimens do not pose any concerns. The enclosure is completely interlocked so that the machine cannot operate unless all the guards are in place.

Tinius Olsen can also supply a higher capacity model, the Model IT 542, which shares all the same features as the IT 406 except that it has an available energy of 542J (400 ft.lbf). The IT 542 is also supplied complete with the electric brake, motorized return, and digital display.

Machines with a digital display can be linked to a stand alone PC with an RS232 port and connected to Tinius Olsen’s impact testing software. Key features of this software include:

  • User-selected reporting and exporting formats.
  • Built-in SPC programs for X-bar, R, and frequency distribution charts/histograms.
  • Test mode allows configuring, running, and saving of tests and results.
  • Recall mode permits viewing of previously saved results and performs database maintenance.

Pendulum Impact Testers

Model IT 406 Pendulum Impact Testers

Pendulum Impact Testers

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