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About Us
Cosmetic Applicators
Cosmetic Bottles & Containers
Cosmetic Jars, Vials, Pumps & Sifters
Bags for Packaging

Bottles, Jars and Packaging Components for the Beauty and Health Care Industries

Welcome to Qosmedix - founded in 1987

We are a leading global supplier of medical quality disposable products to the cosmetic, skin care, bath, spa and salon industries. Our items are designed to meet our customers` marketing and promotional needs, as well as today`s health concerns by promoting cleanliness and hygiene. We maintain a large inventory of over a thousand different products in our ISO 9001:2000/ISO 14001:2004 registered 50,000 square foot climate-controlled facility, allowing our specialized staff to process orders and sample requests the same day they are received.

Suppliers of Medical Quality Disposable Products

  • our huge selection of jars, bottles, vials, containers and compacts fulfill sampling and packaging goals
  • our disposable items include swabs, applicators, mascara wands, cotton skin care supplies, latex-free sponges, spoons, scoops, spatulas, manicure/pedicure accessories, spa apparel, gloves, and hair covers, all which promote cleanliness and hygiene
  • check out hundreds of other items, online or in our catalog, including cosmetic brushes, eye care applicators, epilating strips, fingercots, forceps, funnels, headbands, scrunchies, slippers, spa supplies, test tubes and more

Click here for further information about Qosmedix.

Medical Quality Disposable Products Products for the Cosmetic, Skin Care, Bath, Spa and Salon Industries

Qosmedix offers natural and synthetic brushes, foam applicators, sponges and puffs sized to fit standard cosmetic packages, as well as containers with applicators or sponges included. Single use applicators at retail counters permit cosmetic companies to hygienically permit consumer to test products.


Various types of applicators include:

- blush and powder
- brushes
- eyeliner
- eyeshadow
- foam tip
- lip brush and gloss
- mascara
- retail applicator set
- self tan
- shaving brushes
- spatulas
- swabs

Click here for more information on applicators.


Qosmedix offers economical brushes that fit within makeup packaging and to be used as testers at retail counters. In addition, we offer professional brush sets for estheticians, make-up artists or to be offers at retail for sale or as an elegant gift with purchase. Various types of brushes include:

- blush and powder
- cleansing brushes
- eye
- fan
- hair brushes
- lip
- luxury
- sets
- shaving
- treatment

Click here for more information on brushes.


Qosmedix has a wide selection of  high quality durable sponges that permit lint-free application of beauty products. Various types of sponges include:

- facial cleansing
- flocked
- make-up
- mesh and net

Click here for more information on sponges.

Cosmetic Applicators Cosmetic Applicators

Qosmedix has the right container for packaging cosmetics, fragrances or beauty products that are liquids, powders, sprays, gels, glosses, glitters, salts and scrubs.  Jars, bottles, vials, compacts, tubes and tottles are available for your packaging and sampling needs.  We also offer a variety of dispenser containers, including roller top, spray, dropper or pump bottles and sifter jars.  Qosmedix containers are available in attractive colors—clear, natural, white, black and colored including amber or cobalt blue to protect your product from UV rays.  We have a broad selection of PET, LDPE, and polyethylene packaging containers, and also offer some glass alternatives useful for packaging products with essentials oils or glycolics.


Various types of bottles include:

- bottles
- containers
- dispenser containers
- dropper
- flip top
- jars
- pumps
- QosiPET TM bottles
- spray pumps
- tottle tubes

Click here for more information on bottles.


- containers
- dispensers
- hinged
- lip balm
- wide mouth - neck

Click here for more information on containers.


Click here for more information on compacts.

Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are perfect for creams, lotions or liquids that require droplets to be dispensed.  Dropper containers also prevent contamination of contents because the product does not come in contact with the skin until it is dispensed for use. Click here for more information on dropper bottles.


Various types of jars include:

- assembled
- colored
- divided
- double walled
- families
- hinged
- jars
- sifters
- single walled
- stackable
- swing-out
- wide mouth
- winged

Click here for more information on jars.

QosiPET Bottles, Vials and Closures

Qosmedix’s collection of color coordinated QosiPET vials, droppers and caps is designed for use in the cosmetics, aromatherapy, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. These colorful components assemble to make an eye-catching container.  QosiPET™ is our brand of lightweight, shatter resistant Polyethylene Terephthalate, which offers high barrier properties and chemical compatibility and is an excellent glass substitute.  Produced in a Class 10,000 cleanroom, these vials have flawless clarity and sparkle suitable for packaging oils and serums.

Various types of applicators include:

- QosiPET TM Bottles
- QosiPET TM Closures
- QosiPET TM Vials

Click here for more information on the QosiPET bottles, vials and closures.


Click here for more information on pumps.


Click here for more information on sifters.


Various types of vials include:

- QosiPETTM vials
- vials

Click here for more information on vials.

Cosmetic Containers Cosmetic Containers

Qosmedix provides jars, bottles and vials that range from 1ml to over 100 ml. For sampling programs, 1ml-3ml containers are the perfect option.

Bottles, Jars, Vials by Volume

Various types include:

- 1 ml to 3 ml
- 4 ml to 6 ml
- 7 ml to 9 ml
- 10 ml to 14 ml
- 15 ml to 20 ml
- 21 ml to 30 ml
- 31 ml to 50 ml
- 51 ml to 100 ml
- Greater than 100 ml

Click here for more information on bottles, jars, vials by volume.

Jars, Bottles, Vials by Volume

Various types include:

- 1 ml to 3 ml
- 4 ml to 6 ml
- 7 ml to 9 ml
- 10 ml to 14 ml
- 15 ml to 20 ml
- 21 ml to 30 ml
- 31 ml to 50 ml
- 51 ml to 100 ml
- Greater than 100 ml

Click here for more information on jars, bottles, vials by volume.

Vials, Bottles, Jars by Volume

Various types include:

- 1 ml to 3 ml
- 4 ml to 6 ml
- 7 ml to 9 ml
- 10 ml to 14 ml
- 15 ml to 20 ml
- 21 ml to 30 ml
- 31 ml to 50 ml
- 51 ml to 100 ml
- Greater than 100 ml

Click here for more information on vials, bottles, jars by volume.

Cosmetic Jars Vials Cosmetic Jars Vials

Qosmedix provides a selection of funnels, scoops, pipettes and measuring cups excellent for packaging along with your bath, spa, cosmetic or fragrance products or for use in testing and sampling programs.

Click here for more information on funnels.

Funnels Scoops

Enhance your branding with bags and totes for packaging and promoting your cosmetic, fragrance, beauty or bath products.  Our see-through bags allow the beauty of your products to show through.  Custom imprinting is available for all Qosmedix bags.


Various types of bags include:

- bags
- giveaway
- travel
- zip lock

Click here for more information on bags.

Bags Packaging
Visit our website for futher information about our company.       

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