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This category lists suppliers and products related to Plastic Molds & Molding Services.

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Industry IDS, Inc.
Industry IDS is a developer of information distribution solutions that facilitate communication and information sharing among individuals, businesses and organizations. Our solutions are designed to be built from the ground up and deliver tangible re...
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     QosmedixSuppliers of Bottles, Jars and Packaging Components the Beauty and Health Care Industries    
     Industry IDS, Inc.Virtual Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Buyers Guides and Information Resource Centers    
     Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG Specializes in Pet Preform Molds and Hotrunner Technology    
     BARR Plastics Inc.Specialists in the Fabrication of Custom Designed Poly Tanks and Poly Tank Modifications 
     Allen Field Company, Inc.Manufacturers of Custom-Designed Fittings for the Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries 
     Custom Products CorporationSpecializes in Packaging Products, Contract Packaging and Filling and Commercial Printing  
     IPR Sohner PlasticSpecialists in Custom Thermoformed Products and ISO Robotic Peripherals  
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     Industry IDS, IncDigital Exhibition and Platform for Information Resources in the Packaging Industry  
     AceTronic Industrial Controls Inc.Suppliers and Distributors of Temperature Control Items Specifically For Plastic Packaging  
     AKA SalesSpecialists in Plastic Bottle Manufacturing  
     American Packaging GroupManufacturer of Custom Packaging Solutions, Retail Displays, Flexible Packaging Pouches and More  
     Argowave LLCSpecializes in a Range Of Packaging Production and Development Services  
     Armand ManufacturingManufacturers of Specialty Products, Static Control, and ESD Products  
     BNP MediaProducers of Events for the Packaging Industry  
     Chem-Pak®, Inc.Specialists in the Development of Unique Coatings, Lubricants, Cleaners and other Specialty Items  
     Creative CaseSpecializes in Contract Packaging  
     Cross BlueService Providers for Overseas Printing Needs  
     E²M/Polytron Specializes in the Development of Manufacturing and Packaging Systems  
     Kyana Packaging & Industrial SupplyDistributors of Packaging and Shipping Supplies and Equipment  
     Labh Group of CompanyManufacturers and Exporters of a Wide Range of Packaging Machinery  
     Manooshree EnterprisesComplete Technology Provider for Plastic and Food Industry  
     MDC MOULDSpecializes in Plastic Injection Moulds, Blowing Mould and Auto Mould  
     Meigi CreativeManufacturers of Blister Packs, Clam Shells, Folding Boxes and Plastic Trays  
     Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc.Specialists in Plastic Technologies  
     Multi-Plastics, Inc.Specialists Providing Rolls of Thin Gauge Plastic Films to the Carton, Label and Printing Industries  
     NEA InvestDistributors of Construction, Energy and Medicinal Products  
     Norlimar Inc.Suppliers of Packaging Components  
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Industry IDS, Inc
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