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EZ-BULK Advantages

EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain Intermediate Bulk Containers for Liquid (Bulk Liquid Packaging) and Food Grade Packaging Applications

One Way Disposable Intermediate Bulk Container

The EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain intermediate bulk container were designed with you - the customer in mind. The market demands a strong, one way, economical container and Paper System Inc. delivers.

The EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain intermediate bulk containers are perfect for a variety of liquids including:

  • Food Concentrates
  • Edible Oils 
  • Specialty Chemicals 
  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Detergents
  • Inks
  • Coatings
  • Soaps
  • Other Non-hazardous Liquids 


  • Initial Costs 
  • Warehouse Space 
  • Inbound Freight
  • Filling
  • Evacuation
  • Recyclability
  • Environmental Friendliness 

EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain are compact, lighter, and stronger than any other container on the market today. EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain arrive knockdown flat – Saving warehouse space over 55 gallon drums or other rigid vessels. And those space savings can be dramatic. One truckload of EZ-Bulk containers equals the shipping capacity of over 10 truckloads of drums.

EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain assembly is a snap. One person can assemble a container in less than a minute. And having the lightest tear weight eliminates costly staging or lengthy assembly time. EZ-Drain is a simple added feature. This cost saving innovation allows 100% product evacuation while eliminating costly tilt tables, pumps, stands, or special drainage equipment. Couple EZ-Drain with EZ-Valve and you’ve got the most user-friendly intermediate bulk container in the market. Both styles of containers can be stacked two high in a warehouse and exceed all international safe transit standards for non-hazardous liquids.

We even put our EZ-Bulk container up against the competition in an independent lab. We found that EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain were more than 85% stronger in hoop strength than square paper containers. The strength of EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain comes from their reinforced design, not just the volume of paper in the product.

EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain adapt smoothly to existing filling equipment. Accommodating: two inch, four inch, six inch, rigid fitness, snouted top, and open head filling needs. The inner liner meets FDA, dairy, kosher, good grade, and aseptic requirements.

EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain are paper and completely recyclable – eliminating landfill disposal costs, return freight costs, clean out costs, tracking costs and logistics associated with a drum or rigid system. EZ-Bulk and EZ-Drain are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

EZ-Bulk & EZ-Drain really shine for export shipments. Whether you use 20 foot or 40-foot export containers, we can maximize freight and give your company a global competitive edge. With worldwide distribution, your company can be assured of quality supply.

When it’s time to evacuate the product EZ-Bulk & EZ-Drains versatility shines once again. From two-inch removable valves to the convenience of the built in easy valve – evacuation is no problem. Site gauges at 110 gallons and 55 gallons help you keep an eye on your product as the container empties. Viscous products are a breeze with the cupped bag option.

Initial low costs, recyclables, space savings, lower in and out freight costs, a six to one labor savings.

Food Grade Packaging

The EZ-BULK and the EXO-BIN products from Paper Systems provide you with a variety of food grade packaging applications. EZ-BULK is a stackable corrugated container with a handy drain and valve system that drastically reduces your shipping costs. EXO-BIN completely eliminates wood contamination for food grade products where wood bins are used.

One Way Disposable Intermediate Bulk Container

EZ - Bulk Intermediate Bulk Containers

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