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EZ-BULK Advantages

Intermediate Bulk and Hazardous Waste Containers for Liquids (Bulk Liquid Packaging) or Dry Products and Hazardous Materials

EXO-BIN - The Perfect Intermediate Bulk Container for Liquids (Bulk Liquid Packaging) or Dry Products

Features and Specifications

Paper Systems introduces the ``EXO-BIN``, a plastic 300+ gallon reusable, collapsible, liquid bulk container for purees, concentrates, tomato paste, foods and other non- hazardous materials. ``EXO-BIN`` also works equally well for powders, slurries, granular products, frozen vegetables, I.Q.F. produce, and fresh produce.

Simplify Your Packaging

  • Companies that manufacture liquid or dry applications can simplify their packaging requirements. ``EXO-BIN`` consists of a plastic top cap and bottom skid which assembles in less than 1 minute.

Maximize Your Shipping Dollars

  • ``EXO-BIN`` reduces inventory compared to rigid bottle in a cage totes, drums, and metal tanks with a 6 to 1 storage factor.
  • ``EXO-BIN is stackable up to 5 high when filled. The 300+ gallon capacity allows ``EXO-BIN`` to maximize export vessels, truck, and rail shipments. Also the wide top opening works well with existing liquid or powder filling equipment.

Requires Less Warehouse Storage Space

  • At 100 pounds net weight, ``EXO-BIN`` is 65% lighter compared to metal tanks. ``EXO-BIN`` knocks down flat and maximizes inbound and outbound freights allowing 15 empty units per skid spot (400/truck load).
  • ``EXO-BIN``'s breathable package design eliminates mold growth and stackability frees up warehouse space.


  • As low as 9 cents per gallon


  • Up to a 30 year life

Disposable Inner Liner

  • Cleaner, Safer, Faster


  • 6 to 1 Space Saving

Warehouse and Return Freight

  • Waterproof
  • Indoor or Outdoor Storage

Stackable & Nestable

  • Stack ten, twenty, or thirty high when empty. Four high when filled.

Pallet Sheets for Use on All Wooden Pallets

Paper Systems produces pallet sheets for use on all wooden pallets. Great for seed companies, feed companies, or any other company that ships product in burlap or paper bags. Our pallet sheets serve as a barrier between the nails and splinters of wooden pallets and your valuable product.

Bag Liners

Paper Systems Introduces Replacement Bag Liners for Your Tote

  • High Quality
  • Low Cost
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • USDA, Dairy, & Kosher Certified from FDA

HAZ – MAT Container - Approved for Hazardous Materials

For cost efficiency, ease of use, and ease of disposal, Hazardous Waste Container beats the drum.

The Hazardous Waste Container consists of a Pak triple wall fiberboard container; a 6-mil heavy-duty poly liner; and a custom-specified pallet.

Approved for Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Waste Container meets UN Performance Oriented Packaging requirements for the construction of bulk containers used in the transport of hazardous materials in Packing Groups II and III.

Cost Efficient

The Hazardous Waste Container holds 1 cubic yard of waste, up to 2400 pounds, and replaces almost four 55-gallon drums. Initial purchase price is competitive, plus handling/disposal cost savings can be significant.

Easy to use

One person can assemble, fill, seal, and move the Hazardous Waste Container.

Easy to dispose

The Hazardous Waste Container is easily disposed or incinerated, eliminating the expensive cleaning and disposal cost of drums.

EXO-BIN - The Perfect Intermediate Bulk Container

HAZ - MAT - Hazardous Waste Container

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