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AGELESS® Oxygen Absorber
AGELESS® Oxygen Absorbers II
AnaeroPack™ System/ AnaeroPouch™ System
RP System™

AGELESS® Oxygen Absorbers - Longer Shelf-Life for Refrigerated Food, Meat Nuts and Dietary Supplements

AGELESS® Protects Refrigerated Foods 

AGELESS® delivers longer, fresher shelf-life for fresh refrigerated food products. Fresh refrigerated dairy filled pasta, fresh dough, sliced meats and other prepared refrigerated food products packaged with AGELESS® oxygen absorbers stay fresher, tastier and more appealing for longer periods by eliminating the spoilage and staling caused by ambient oxygen.

The convenient, economical AGELESS® packet creates a unique, oxygen-free packaging environment which preserves the natural, wholesome goodness of your products, without altering their formulation. By creating a longer, more stable shelf-life, the AGELESS® oxygen absorber extends product freshness, offering extensive benefits to both manufacturer and distributor, including:

  • Flexibility in production scheduling.
  • Better inventory management through longer shelf rotation patterns.
  • More affordable transportation options.
  • Ability to broaden product lines.
  • Reduction in product expiration losses due to distribution delays and sales fluctuations.
  • Expansion of geographic territories.
  • More creative use of packaging materials and designs.

A variety of AGELESS® oxygen absorbing formulations are available to meet the characteristics of many food products. The AGELESS® oxygen absorber packet is inserted during the packaging operation. A choice of manual or automatic insertion & attachment is available.

AGELESS® Keeps Cooked Meats and Poultry Fresh

AGELESS® can provide a controlled-atmosphere freshness system for a variety of cooked meat and poultry products. Their continuing absorbent action assures true freshness protection, reducing residual oxygen within the package to less than one-tenth of percent. They also preserve the flavor of fried or breaded products by preventing rancidity.

Hot, spicy wings retain their flavor and freshness throughout extended warehousing and distribution cycle. They also keep their characteristic bite and just cooked flavor when packaged with an AGELESS oxygen absorber packet.

Cooked chicken wings packaged in commercial master packs constructed of oxygen barrier plastic film, and enclosed with an oil resistant, low temperature formulation AGELESS oxygen absorber packet, remain fresh and flavorful throughout an extended warehousing distribution and in-store storage cycle, without requiring the use of chemical additives or preservatives.

The AGELESS packet is simply placed within a free-flowing air stream inside the sealed master pack. A high-speed, automatic AGELESS packet dispensing machine is available for installation on packaging line. For small to moderate production, manual insertion of AGELESS packets is also available.

Bakery and Pizza Products Benefit from AGELESS® Packaging

  • AGELESS® permits bakery products to be marked fresh and preservative-free
  • AGELESS® packet extends shelf-life of Bakery products.

The AGELESS® Oxygen Absorber packet is designed to be packaged with all-natural bakery products in non-refrigerated barrier pouch package to help them retain quality, freshness, taste and no-preservative benefits. The packet works to provide an oxygen-free environment that extends bakery products shelf-life, which can deteriorate without preservatives in as fast as twenty days.

Bakery product distributors can gain efficiency and cut costs by taking advantage of the long shelf-life of products packaged in an oxygen-free packaging environment by increasing stock rotation cycle times and extending the geographic distribution network. The bakery product can also be purchased by the consumer and stored, un-refrigerated, in the home pantry, ready for a fresh, wholesome and quick meal or snack anytime.

AGELESS® Protects Nuts

The Shelf-life of nuts is greatly extended in an oxygen free package.

The AGELESS® oxygen absorber maintains the freshness of nuts by absorbing oxygen resident within the sealed package to extend product shelf-life, freshness and flavor.

The natural oils in high-fat products such as nuts rapidly become rancid when stored for long periods of time in standard packaging with free oxygen flow. By simply adding the AGELESS® packet sachet to your existing packaging line, your products will remain fresher longer, while retaining their original formulation with no added chemicals or additives.

The AGELESS® oxygen absorber sachet packet is more effective in reducing oxygen than conventional preservatives, antioxidants, gas purging, and vacuum packing, which do not completely eliminate the oxygen. 

By eliminating oxygen, and extending product shelf-life, AGELESS® allows flexibility in the distribution cycle to permit wider area market penetration. An AGELESS® oxygen absorber can reduce the oxygen in airtight containers down to 0.1% or less to prolong the shelf-life of nuts or other food products. AGELESS® is available in variety of types and sizes, suitable for a wide range of product packaging uses.

AGELESS® with Dietary Supplements

Natural Vitamins and Herbs retain wholesome, nutritive qualities in an Oxygen-free environment.

The freshness and nutritive quality of natural vitamins is maintained throughout an extended shelf-life by placing an AGELESS® oxygen absorber inside the sealed package.

Many types of natural vitamins, including Beta Carotene and herbs, are susceptible to loss of nutritive value when stored for long periods of time in a standard package with free oxygen flow. An AGELESS® oxygen absorber is more effective in reducing oxygen than conventional preservatives, gas purging, or vacuum packing, and can reduce the oxygen in airtight containers down to 0.1% or less to prolong the shelf-life of vitamins or other herbs products.

AGELESS does not mix directly with the product formulation by adding any chemicals or additives, thus permitting a ``clean`` vitamin or herb label. Easy automatic or manual insertion of the AGELESS packet is accomplished without hampering packaging line productivity. AGELESS is available in a variety of types and sizes to meet product needs and is suitable for wide range of product packaging uses.


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