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The Power Of Digital Print
Label Printing with HP
Flexible Packaging
Shrink Sleeves
Specialty Printing
Powerful Partnerships

HP Indigo digital printing technology is breaking all the rules of industrial printing. Whether it’s labels, flexible packaging, shrink-sleeves, cartons or specialty printing, HP brings the same benefits of streamlined workflow, the elimination of make-ready, films and plates, and cost-effective, high-quality print in runs as short as one.

HP offers end-to-end solutions from prepress to finished product in collaboration with its software, inspection, finishing and substrate partners.

Built for 24/7 production, HP Indigo industrial presses are robust. With the capacity for seven colors, including white, HP digital print production offers the widest colour gamut on the broadest range of substrates.

Today’s packaging printers and converters don’t only require quality, they require security. HP’s worldwide network ensures that you will be supported wherever you are, while HP’s partners offer solutions from prepress to finishing, including a wide range of overt and covert security applications.

With digital printing, packaging printers can extend their services in ways never before possible. They can help their customers develop new products and add value and excitement to existing ones.

With variable data printing, each package, sleeve, carton or label can be different. The addition of batch and security numbering no longer has to be a separate process. Language versions, image changes and personalization can be carried out without stopping the press.

The labels industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. Today’s labels not only have to carry brand name, brand and container size, but have to satisfy the requirements for custom attraction, and legal requirements for ingredients, batch numbers and security features.  

When combined with demands for fast-turnarounds, higher quality, more colors and shorter runs, label printers have a real need for a means to meet these demands competitively and profitably. 

Label printing with HP means that printers have a complete end-to-end solution with the proven print technology of the HP Indigo press ws4050, or the smaller HP Indigo press ws2000, at the heart of their digital production facility. 

The new HP Indigo press ws4050 can print four color labels at 52.5 ft. per minute or print at 104 feet per minute in one or two color mode. Other advantages include a new ink-set for finer imaging, a reinsertion capability that enables duplex imaging for two-sided prime labels, and solutions that support essential FDA-compliant validation for pharmaceutical labels. 

Apart from being able to print on paper, plastic and self-adhesive stocks, HP Indigo presses can print on transparent substrates, enabling reverse printing, using up to 16 hits of up to 7 colours, including white. 

A streamlined workflow solution means that all aspects of the operation are controlled via an integrated program, from set up to finishing controls.

The new HP Indigo press 4050 has been designed to take flexible packaging printers into the digital age. With seamless production from prepress to finished product, the HP Indigo press 4050 is ideal for flexible packaging applications. 

Paper, film, plastic and foil substrates ranging in weight from 12m to 250m can be handled by the HP Indigo press ws4050, with print resolutions from 812 x 812 dpi to 812 x 1624 dpi.  

HP ElectroInk is available in a virtually unlimited range of colors including 97% of PANTONE® Colors. Special brand and corporate colors can be mixed in-house with the HP IndiChrome onpress Ink Mixing System or ordered via the web for external formulation. HP ElectroInk dries instantly so there are no problems with set-off during the rewinding or finishing processes. 

The ability of HP ElectroInk to match the PANTONE® Color range exactly means that digitally produced flexible packaging products can be successfully integrated into conventional runs without difficulty. In fact, both jobs can use the same prepress files. 

While the HP Indigo press ws4050 is designed for production runs, it is also a valuable and cost-effective tool for trials and test marketing, simply because the results so closely resemble conventional packaging print runs. 

Variable data printing makes numbering, language versions and special promotional packaging not only easy, but affordable for the packaging buyer and profitable for the printer.

Shrink-sleeves are the fastest-growing segment in the labels market, and the ability of the HP Indigo press ws4050 to be able to print shrink-sleeves as well as conventional labels, flexible packaging and cartons, means that the press truly represents a revolution in package printing and converting.              

Reverse printing is often used in shrink-sleeve printing to prevent marring and scuffing during transit. This is a technique that is easily accomplished with HP Indigo technology. It also facilitates the ‘no label’ look that is currently in vogue. 

The beverage industry is the major consumer of shrink-sleeve labels and this sector is possibly the most demanding in terms of adherence to corporate identity, brand colors and print quality. HP Indigo digital printing technology readily meets these expectations and enables just-in-time deliveries and stockless supply chains, as well as rapid production. 

The use of shrink-sleeves is expected to continue to expand as it eliminates the problems of printing on irregularly shaped containers and widely diverse substrates. Shrink-sleeves can increasingly be found in use on healthcare products or as part of tamper-evident security features. 

The ability for a packaging printer and converter to be able to offer shrink-sleeve production using the same press as his customers’ other products are printed on gives him powerful leverage to develop new business and help his customer to expand, too.

The HP Indigo press s2000 is a unique press that takes the digital benefits of on-demand and short-runs into the specialty printing market. With the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates ranging from 250m to 600m, the HP Indigo press s2000 enables fast, easy and clean production of premium printed graphic layers and overlays including mouse mats, keypads and front panels, and plastic cards for myriad uses.                       

Printers using the HP Indigo press s2000 can print high-value products faster and more cost-effectively than with conventional printing. The HP Indigo press s2000 prints high quality images on paper, card, board, optimised PVC, polyester and polycarbonate materials. 

The HP Indigo press s2000 uses the same HP ElectroInk as the rest of the HP range, delivering 97% of the PANTONE® Colour range. The HP Indigo press s2000, like the other industrial presses, enjoys the benefits of HP IndiChrome onpress, and the HP IndiChrome offpress Ink Mixing System, enabling the easy provision of special and corporate colors. 

With digital production, printers and their customers can benefit from print runs as short as one, fast job change-overs, easy late design changes and variable printing and a host of special features. These include both overt and covert security devices from serial numbering, alphanumeric coding, bar codes, micro-text, digital watermarks, all of which can be used in conjunction with invisible HP ElectroInk.

While HP Indigo digital presses produce print with the look and feel of offset in the widest range of colors and on the greatest variety of substrates, the presses are only a part of the HP solution. 

HP Partners include the leading developers of software, equipment manufacturers and substrate suppliers serving the graphic arts industry. With HP Partners, end-to-end solutions for web and sheet-fed industrial printing are available through a single supplier, HP.  

Whether a prepress solution, security features, label inspection, digital or conventional die-cutting, UV varnishing or specialty substrates, there’s an HP Partner with the solution best-suited to growing your business and helping your customers grow theirs. 

HP also works in partnership with its customers. HP Indigo press owners have access to a wide array of support tools and documents, all provided by HP. A special ‘My HP Indigo’ web portal gives access to application information, case studies, business development tools, “how-to” guides, a substrates finder, and online ordering facilities for HP ElectroInk and the Ink Mixing Service for ordering special spot, corporate and brand colors. HP will even formulate HP ElectroInk for your special color requirements. 

Financing for the purchase of any HP Indigo digital press can be arranged through HP Financial Services, which offers flexible 36-, 48- or 60-month contract terms.


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