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Intermediate Bulk Containers
Packaging for Fruit Juices, Edible Oils and Fats
Natural and Synthetic Rubber Packaging
Processed and Frozen Food Packaging
Non-Hazardous Chemicals Packaging
Automotive Parts Packaging

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Packaging, Transportation and Storage of Bulk Cargo

Goodpack® Limited owns and operates the world`s largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Goodpack® IBC provides a returnable packaging solution through the renting or hiring of multi modal, returnable Intermediate Bulk Containers that are designed for packing and transporting bulk cargo. Goodpack IBC can be Rented Locally and Dehired Globally in over 50 countries worldwide.

Goodpack® IBC is generally used in the packaging, transportation and storage of various solid, liquid and powder bulk cargo.

The Goodpack® IBC is a reusable solid galvanized steel box with 4 collapsible sidewalls. The IBC is self standing and is easy to set up without the need for extra strapping. It has built-in pallet features with a 4-way forklift access and 2-way rotating fork access.

The all steel construction ensures that the packaging is wood-free. With Goodpack® IBC, there is no need to knock down and dispose of plywood bins and drums anymore; resulting in significant time and cost savings. As the packaging is wood-free, there is no risk of contamination from wood or the introduction of wood-borne pests into the environment.

With the equivalent of about 7 drums, Goodpack® IBC requires less handling, resulting in greater efficiency during filling and discharging. Goodpack® IBC has been tested by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and is rated to hold up to 1550 kg or 3410 lbs.

Goodpack® IBC is also ideal for companies wishing to conform with ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards as well as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) requirements. The reusable nature of the Goodpack® IBC makes it an environmentally safe and friendly form of packaging.

Perhaps the greatest benefit offered is the substantial cost savings immediately gained when converting to Goodpack® IBC. Goodpack® IBC is available only on a rental basis. Intermediate Bulk Containers can be rented for only the period required, nothing more, nothing less. Hence, the need for Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) spent on buying packaging materials is minimized and can be better spent on other urgent needs. Rented Returnable Packaging also ensures that there is no risk of packaging obsolescence. Cost savings can also be found in the reduction of packaging needed and the reduction in labour costs due to less handling.

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Packaging and Storage of Various Solid, Liquid and Powder Bulk Cargo Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Transportation and Storage of Various Solid, Liquid and Powder Bulk Cargo

Goodpack® has specially designed Intermediate Bulk Containers to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. We have IBC solutions that will suit your unique packaging needs.

Goodpack is constantly researching and improving new IBC designs to meet the future needs of our customers.

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the packaging of edible oils and fats

Goodpack® the leader in Global Rental of Intermediate Bulk Container`s (IBCs) has designed an IBC and developed techniques specifically to meet the needs of the Edible Oils and Fats industry.

The IBC has a built-in pallet designed to move easily through standard conveyor lines for quick and easy filling.

Goodpack® IBC`s are used successfully for packaging and shipment of the following Edible Oils and Fats:

  • Edible Oils
  • Crude Palm Oil
  • Palm Oil Derivatives
  • Soya Bean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Other Edible Oils
  • Edible Fats
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Butter Substitute
  • Anhydrous Milk Fats (AMF)

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the packaging of fruit juices

The Goodpack® IBC is specially designed to address the needs of the fruit juice concentrate market. It features a heavy duty, high tensile galvanized steel IBC fitted with a hygienic food-grade barrier or non-barrier plastic bladder. This ``bag-in-bin`` solution can hold up to 1400 liters. The IBC is both stackable when filled and nestable when empty.

The Goodpack® system offers many advantages to both the processor and the end user. The built-in pallet features a 4-way access with 2-way rotating fork access.
It is easy to set up with no need for external strapping. Unlike the labour-intensive requirements of wood or corrugated bins, the Goodpack® IBC can be set up or dismantled by a single person.

Each IBC eliminates 7 metal drums, reducing excess drum handling and the problems related to drum disposal. By reducing overall handling and waste generation, productivity is increased and there are fewer lost time accidents.

Additionally, the elimination of wooden bins or pallets means there is no wood in the processing environment – a vital issue in many HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) programs – and is generally recognized as a Good Manufacturing Practice.

The Global Efficiencies offered by the Goodpack® IBC stem from owning one of the largest fleet of IBC in the world – over 1 million and growing! All Goodpack® IBC`s are rented, so there is no capital outlay. One way trip rentals to most export destinations, eliminates costly return of empty containers. An all steel construction eliminates the need for fumigation or heat treatment making Goodpack® IBC the Logical Choice.

Fruit Juices which can be packed include:

  • Apple Juice
  • Citrus Juice
         - Not From Concentrate
         - Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
         - Single Strength Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • Other Juices

Packaging for Fruit Juices, Edible Oils, and Fats Packaging for Fruit Juices, Edible Oils, and Fats

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Packaging of Natural Rubber

Goodpack® IBC can be used in the packaging of Natural Rubber and Latex.

Natural Rubber that are packed in Goodpack® IBC offer significant advantages as well as cost savings over traditional packaging such as wooden crates. More Rubber bales fit neatly into the Goodpack Intermediate Bulk Containers and can be easily transported using forklifts.

Natural Rubber can also be quickly and easily discharged by direct discharge or by rotational discharge. With rotational discharge, Natural Rubber that have been packed with Goodpack® IBC stay in shape, providing unhindered access to the product This has proven to save significant amount of material handling time.

The greatest benefit of using Goodpack® IBC is that it is an environmentally friendly form of packaging. Goodpack® IBC is 100% wood free and does not need any form of fumigation. Natural Rubber that is packed into Goodpack IBC is free of contamination from wood and wood chips.

Goodpack® IBC is reusable and is an environmentally friendly form of packaging that will help in conforming with ISO 14000 standards.

Natural Rubber Packaging

  • Technically Specified Rubber (TSR)
  • Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS)
  • Rubber Latex

Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Packaging of Synthetic Rubber

Goodpack® has expanded its network to service the global Synthetic Rubber (SR) industry with our new IBC, the Goodpack® MB5.

The Goodpack® MB5 has proven itself to SR packers across the world. 16 Goodpack® MB5`s can be loaded into a 20` ISO container. Many countries allow high payloads for containerized freight. This allows users to enjoy both cost efficient packaging and significant savings on shipping & transportation costs.

Currently many receivers send wood or fiber based packaging to a separate unloading area to ensure that no wood or fiber based contamination enters the product mixing area. The Goodpack® MB5 is made from 100% galvanized steel, ensuring the risk of contamination through fiber is eliminated. This ensures that the synthetic rubber received is contamination free and receivers will enjoy significant savings in process flows.

The Goodpack® MB5, with a single removable side, is highly efficient for assembly and disassembly. Users who have experienced problems with other IBC involving lost components, injuries through handling, or damage claims will enjoy the ease of use of the Goodpack® MB5.

Natural and Synthetic Rubber Packaging Natural and Synthetic Rubber Packaging

Goodpack® the leader in Global Rental of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) has designed and developed a new IBC specifically to meet the needs of the processed and frozen food industry.

The Intermediate Bulk Container has a built-in pallet designed to move easily through standard conveyor lines with outer dimensions suitable for all standard paste dumpers. Goodpack® IBC is suitable for storage in cold rooms. It is also designed to stack 4-high under deck in break bulk reefer vessels.

As in all Goodpack® IBC, these are manufactured using high tensile strength galvanized steel and are both nestable and stackable.

Sliced Strawberries Filled in Goodpack 8 Drums

Goodpack® the leader in the Global Rental of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) has developed an Intermediate Bulk Container that is designed to meet the needs of the Non-hazardous chemicals industry.  With a custom made bladder, every Goodpack® Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) can hold up to 1400 liters (370 gallons) of liquid, pellet, powdered or viscous cargo. That`s about 7 times the capacity of a steel drum, which makes the Goodpack® IBC a very cost effective packaging solution. Further savings are derived from the amount of reduced handling and drum disposal. With less handling, work stoppages due to accidents are minimized resulting in further savings.
Non-hazardous chemicals include:

  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Polymers
  • Glycerin
  • Lubricants
  • Toners

Non-Hazardous Chemicals Packaging- Filled Bin Ready To Ship Non-Hazardous Chemicals Packaging

The Goodpack Automotive Solution

Various forms of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are employed in the automotive industry for in-country transportation, logistics and handling of automotive parts in the automotive supply chain. Because of challenges of global repositioning of empty and loaded Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), a substantial volume of automotive parts for export markets are packed in various non-IBC packing, such as wood pallets and wooden crates. Such non-IBC packing lacks strength, security, economics and environment-friendly characteristics of IBC packing.

Goodpack® is the global leader in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) with our global network serving more than 50 countries. We operate an open global pooling system for our Intermediate Bulk Containers where customers can rent and return our IBC almost anywhere in the world. We are able to do this because our IBC is versatile to carry many different products from our large export-oriented customer base, with and without packing accessories. Our open global pooling system is much more flexible and cost-effective compared to the closed loop system employed by our competitors.

Goodpack® offers probably the most cost-effective solution for export markets of automotive parts with our MB5 IBC – fully collapsible IBC with 1 removable side. Our MB5 can be used with ``Parts-in-IBC`` model where parts are put bare with separators in our IBC. Or our MB5 can be used in ``Box-in-Box`` model where carton boxes of parts are loaded into our IBC.

The Goodpack® Automotive Solution offers customers the following benefits:

  • Pay As You Use:  With our Trip Rental (Point A to Point B) model for Goodpack® IBC, our customer pays only for the journey from parts packing point to parts discharging point.
  • Pay One Way: Our customers do not have to operate a closed loop system with our Intermediate Bulk Containers and incur the costs of backhaul freight of empty IBC and IBC idle time during repositioning.
  • Scalable: With our large high-growth global pool of IBC, we are better positioned to meet the growth demands of our customers.
  • Damage Protection: Our MB5 is made of steel and constructed to withstand heavy loading and rugged handling in multi-modal transportation and supply chain activities.
  • Efficient Transportation: 16 units of our MB5 fit snugly into a 20 ft seafreight container and helps customers to achieve optimum balance of weight and volume of seafeight container and fast loading and unloading, and to eliminate the need for dunnaging and transit damage.

Automotive Parts Packaging
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