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Performance Materials Company
Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Products
Electronic Material Systems & Porcelain Enamel
Dinnerware Systems/Liquid Coatings & Dispersions
Tile Coating Systems
Glass Systems and Polymer Additives

Electrolyte, Lithium Batteries, Organic Solvent, Carbohydrate, Drug, Biotechnology

Ferro`s fine chemicals intermediates are used in the manufacture of Lithium batteries, electronic materials, polymers, specialty resins, plasticizers, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals, photochemicals, detergents and antioxidants. Ferro also provides major chemical manufacturers with custom synthesis for the production of complex, high-valued chemicals.

Ferro produces high-value Fine Chemicals and intermediates. Our products are used in many pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical industrial applications.


1,3-dioxolane is a colorless liquid that is miscible with water and most common organic solvents. It is a very good solvent for lacquers and resins and can be used for paint remover and thinner. It is useful in mixtures with glycol or glycol ethers to dissolve difficult-to-dissolve components such as pesticides, herbicides and wood preservatives. It is a stabilizer for glues, impregnating resins and dispersions.

Dioxolane Use in Adhesives

Solutions of crystalline polyesters are used in heat-sealable coatings and adhesive applications. The polyesters were formally known to be soluble only in highly toxic solvents such as dioxane and chlorinated solvents. Uses for these adhesives are heat-seal lids for food products such as butter, yogurt and jelly. They are used in packaging for foods to be microwaved or oven heated, and as industrial laminates, such as in sail cloth, cable wrap, flexible circuitry and solar protection film.

Aryl Phosphines - Commercially Available

Ferro Corporation has long been recognized as a reliable supplier of aryl phosphorous derivatives to industrial consumers. This product line continues to grow, and Ferro now provides both reactive intermediates and finished products to the polymer industry.

Aryl Phosphines - In Development

Tri-substituted alkyl or aryl phosphines Mono-substituted alkyl or aryl phosphines

Aryl Phosphines - Pilot Plant Quantities

Aryl Phosphines -Laboratory Quantities

Benzene Phosphonic Dichloride (Phenyldichlorophosphine oxide) Benzene Phosphonic Acid (Phenylphosphonic acid) Xylyl Phosphonous Dichloride, Mixture of Isomers

Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries

Ferro primary and secondary proprietary lithium battery formulations are used in a large number of applications which include cellular phones, laptop computers, cameras, pacemakers, hearing aids, smoke detectors, military applications, ultra capacitors and hybrid vehicles.

Glymes ``Glycol Diethers`` and Specialty Solvents

Glymes, also known as glycol diethers, are some of the most powerful solvents available today for an incredibly wide variety of industrial processes and products. Glymes are saturated polyethers with no functional groups; hence, they are aprotic compounds that are relatively inert chemically. These features account for their excellent solvent properties. In general, glymes are most frequently used in reactions involving metals, inorganic salts and organometallics. Common examples are grignard reactions, reactions of alkali metals, anionic polymerization, metal hydride reactions and hydrobrominations.

Gold Recovery

While the use of solvent extraction to recover metals is not new technology, it is an under-utilized technology even though there is ample evidence and experience validating this technique. In many cases, solvent extraction can provide significant reductions in operational costs in comparison to more traditional methods of metal recovery and refining.

Grignard Solvents

A true, clear, single-phase grignard solution (2.5 M) can be directly produced in butyl diglyme. For commercial processes, grignards made with butyl diglyme are safer and more environmentally friendly. This is a result of the high flash point and water insolubility characteristics of butyl diglyme.

Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories will help bring your new product to market. We provide Contract and Custom Manufacturing Services of your proprietary or unique Carbohydrate Chemicals, regulated Drug Delivery Substances, Injectable Formulation Ingredients, Injectable Solutions, Pharmaceutical Intermediates or high potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API`s), Potent Drugs and Intermediates

Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (FPL) has been a producer of proprietary and cGMP pharmaceutical ingredients for more than 35 years. We provide process development, analytical method development and validation, as well as Drug Master File creation and maintenance. FPL currently maintains more than 20 active Drug Master Files covering API`s, intermediates and injectable drug formulation ingredients.


Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (FPL) is a reliable, commercial producer of rare and specialized carbohydrates / sugars.


Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories is recognized globally as a reliable producer of commercial quantities of high purity, rare and specialized carbohydrates / sugars. Our key capabilities go beyond our expertise in carbohydrate chemistry. We have unique expertise in: performing complex chemistries at commercial scale, isolating rare sugars from natural botanical sources, and purifying rare sugars utilizing unique and proprietary chromatographic, filtration and crystallization techniques. We know where and how to source unique carbohydrate raw material feed stock to assure that your new product pipeline is supportable, and economically viable.

Dietary and Nutrition

Consumers of dietary and nutritional supplements want assured quality and guaranteed efficacy. When you buy from Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (FPL), you can offer them pharmaceutical-grade products manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) established by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Excipients and Drug Delivery

Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (FPL) is the leading US producer of sodium and potassium lactate solutions used to manufacture peritoneal dialysis solutions, lactated Ringer`s solution and other large volume parenteral solutions. Pharmaceutical and IV solution producers throughout the Western Hemisphere use our products.

Food & Cosmetics

Customers come to Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (FPL) for our advanced capabilities in chemical manufacturing, process scale-up, quality and dependability. FPL is known globally as a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and rare and specialized carbohydrates / sugars. All of our products have been developed to meet our customers` exacting regulatory, quality and purity requirements.

Fine ChemicalsPharmaceutical Products
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