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Edge Trim Systems
QUIK-SET Automatic Positioning Systems
Shears, Slitters and Knives
Positioning Systems

Roll Shears, Metal Slitters, Rotary Shear Knives and Shimless Tools for the Metal Slitting Industry

Roll Shear and Metal Slitting Products

Dienes is known as a supplier of high quality precision slitting tools. From our 40,000 sq.ft. facility located in Spencer, MA, Dienes employees design, manufacture, and distribute the full range of Dienes products for the metal slitting industry including:

  • • Rotary Shear Knives
    • Shimless Tooling
    • CamB_5 Tooling Management Software
    • Stripper Rings
    • Separator Discs and Spacers
    • Knife Collars
    • Knife Quill Sets
    • Knife Boxes and Storage Cabinets
    • Straight Knives
    • Sharpening Services
    • Knife Polisher

In addition to the slitter tooling manufactured at Dienes Corporation`s Spencer, MA facility, Dienes also distributes slitter tooling manufactured by Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH. Neuenkamp, located in Remscheid, Germany, also a member of the Dienes Group was founded in 1925 and is known around the world as the specialist in the manufacture of high-precision slitter tooling. The name Dienes and Neuenkamp are synonymous with high precision and high quality when it comes to slitter tooling.

For more information, please contact us via e-mail –
Uli Kremer:

Rotary Shear Knives

Dienes Corporation offers a wide range of knife designs and material compositions to meet your slitting requirements. Over the years Dienes has developed a variety of alloy grades to precisely match knife composition with the increasing number of modern day slitting applications (See Technical Bulletin 1010-002).

High speed and tool steels are specifically formulated to maximize wear resistance and toughness depending on the material being slit. Tungsten carbide slitter knives are available in both solid and composite configurations. Additionally, slitter knives made from the particle metal group offer extremely high wear resistance.
Our slitter knives are manufactured to exacting tolerances and finishes. Thickness tolerances can be held within ±40 millionths of an inch, parallelism and flatness within 80 millionths of an inch. For special applications, knives can be supplied with a thickness tolerance of ±20 millionths inch. The lateral (side) faces are available in ground, lapped, or polished finishes.

Whatever your need, our Application Engineers can recommend a design and material composition to satisfy your slitting requirements. If you know what you want, Dienes can manufacture slitter knives to your specifications. In either case, you can be assured of getting a slitter of the highest quality.

Shimless Tooling Sets

Conventional tooling is usually manufactured to fractional (1/32`` 1/16``, 1/8``, 1/4``, etc) or decimal (.031``, .047``, .062``, .093``, .109``, .125`` etc) increments, and machined to ANSI standard (±.0002``) thickness tolerances. Using conventional tooling requires the use of plastic shims, which have the tendency to pick up dirt or fold over. The combination of the thickness tolerance of the knives and spacers in conjunction with the usage of plastic shims, often caused problems in maintaining proper clearances, achieving tighter strip width tolerances, and avoiding cumulative tolerance errors. This resulted in shorter tool life and the need for re-sets.

Shimless tooling, having a thickness tolerance of ± 40 millionths of an inch (±0.001 mm) and manufactured to .001`` increments allows complete flexibility, mathematically, in grouping tooling without using plastic or steel shims. Typical shimless spacer complements use spacer sizes, such as .1005, .100, .101, .102, .103, 106, .110, etc., or .0505, .050, .051, .054, .058, etc. Standard tooling packages are designed to achieve strip width increments of .001`` and clearance increments of .0005``. However, there are also systems, which utilize clearance increments of .0001`` and strip width increments of .00005``. Shimless tooling is always supplied with a WINDOWS™ software program, which solves the problem of calculating shimless setups.

The major benefits of shimless tooling are:

  • Exact and even clearances
  • Elimination of cumulative tolerance errors
  • Less chance of setup errors (re-sets)
  • Minimum/reduced knife edge stress as a result of a balanced setup
  • Same slitting results from operator to operator (important for a multiple shift operation).
  • Computer tells the operator which steel spacers and knives to use, for any given setup, to obtain the correct strip widths
  • Achieving tighter slit width tolerances
  • Virtually burr free strips
  • CamB_5 advanced software that offers various input and output options


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