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Parts Counting Equipment with Accuracy Standard
Bagging, Blending and Filling Machinery
Hazardous Area Automation Systems and other Packaging Accessories
Automated Parts Counting Systems
Semi Automatic and Total Integrated Systems
Scales and Lane Systems

Hi Precision Automated Filling Systems and Automated Parts Counting Systems for the Scale Packaging Industry

About Us

Actionpac has been in the business of making quality automated filling systems for over 25 years. We specialize in ultra hi precision dry particulate, powder, and parts counting packaging equipment. We use weigh and / or orientation technology, depending on the requirements.

Our experience has shown that some products may require special attention. To that end, we have an economical, versatile line of standard equipment that can be modified for your specific needs; all modular and all expandable for growth.

We have designed, fabricated and installed many filling systems used in a wide variety of applications.

Actionpac began in the hi-precision scale industry in 1977. We have since evolved into the packaging industry. Our competitors began in the packaging industry and added scales. Thus, the origins of Actionpac have made it possible to transfer weighing technology and accuracy far more successfully than typical packaging companies. This careful attention to precision was the driving force in developing controls, programming, and techniques that offer an unusually fast and accurate scale system. As a complement to our extensive line of standard systems successful custom engineered projects range from high precision pharmaceutical scales to heavy capacity bulk filling operations, as well as a full range of counting equipment, including:

Mini batching system integrated to liquid filler for precisely mixing the ingredients for cataract replacement lens tumblers. The entire system is controlled and monitored by an IBM PC.


Micro distribution scale, for artificial bone transplant granules. The scale had to meet exacting sanitation standards and was installed in a clean room, inside a laminar hood. Accuracies were +/- .01 grams at a rate of 8-15 vials per minute.


Custom three- and four-lane scales to blend several ingredients into dry soup packages. Flexibility is paramount since ingredients range from dry noodles to bouillon powder, while scales interface alternately with pouch filler, VFS bagger, and canning lines.


Hi-precision three-lane micro scales (1/100 gram) integrated with 6 position actuator and vertical press to quickly fill, press, and eject fireworks cartridges. Previous hand production resulted in 100 to 150 units per day, per person. Automated system resulted in greater accuracy and consistency of product at 1500 units per day, per person.

3M Unitek Corporation
Complex four bowl counting system requiring singulation of orthodontic rubber bands to a weight resolution of 1/100th gram. The customer also presented us with the problem of inserting these very light-weight products into small bags with narrow openings. We were able to solve this by incorporating air ventures into the system for blowing the bands into the bags.

Teledyne Water Pik

Custom parts counting system for thin foil bands, achieved singulation for accurate counts at 1/100 gram; integrated with customized roll bagger and programmable printer.

Beta Brands

Large (Max109CX2) system to fill 50 lb cases with diverse candies at the rate of 20 per minute, less than 1/10% error. Integrated with our indexer system, lo profile metal detector with ``reject`` shunt.

Accuracy Standard

Actionpac started out in the hi-precision scale industry (including laboratory & jewellery balances), then evolved into the packaging industry. Our competitors began in the packaging industry and added scales. The origins of Actionpac have made it possible to transfer technology and accuracy far more successfully than typical packaging scale companies. This careful attention to precision and our continuing effort to design the perfect automated scale were the driving forces in developing controls, programming, and techniques that offer an unusually friendly and accurate scale system.

Typical Actionpac scale systems are accurate to 1/100 oz. (0.28 g.), with some applications in the milligram range. Competitive scales we have seen are accurate to 1/100 lb. (4.5 g.). This means Actionpac scales can weigh 4 oz. at 1/4% accuracy, whereas competitive systems begin at 4%; we can guarantee ``in the bag`` accuracy of <1/2%, whereas a 1/100 lb. scale could not do better than 8% at normal speeds. For sub-gram systems, we have no competition in or near our price range.

Actionpac a Hi Precision Scale Industry  Actionpac: makers of Quality Automated Filling Systems

Integrate the Actionpac machinery with any bagger at any time, either at the time of manufacturing or later. Typical applications include small parts and food products or anything that needs to be put in a bag.

Bagger Integration Systems

Model range includes:

  • ME1095CB: bowl counter for 25 to 1000 parts into a roll bagger includes reject mechanism 
  • Bagger and Blending System: candy bending scale and bowl for small load singulation
  •  ME1095: bulk large particulates & powders into laminated film tube bagger
  • MAX109CLX2:  bulk popcorn & snacks mix up to  10 lbs at 20 per minute
  • Integrated with a laminated film bagging system 
  • MINI109CX2: over a small vertical form sealer bagger: granular scientific products to 1/10 gram
  • Blending scale/kitting conveyor integrated with bagger 

Blending Systems

Model range includes:

  • ME109CSX3: blending for soup mixes of noodles, meats, & spices 
  •  ME1095CSX4I:  candy blending with box indexers 
  • ME1095CSX4C:  high speed particulates into containers 
  • ME1095CSX4C: blending of varied colour brownies
  • ME1095CX3: blending of paint pigments 
  • MINI109CIX3: high accuracy 100th of a gram blending of vitamin powders with bottle indexer

Bulk Filling and Indexing

Model range includes:

  • MAX109ID
  • Bulk product filler with metal detector
  • Bulk product filler with horse shoe indexing
  • Candy nut case packer with metal detector and reject  
  • Case packer for 50lb boxes of dry particulates (nuts, candies) with integrated metal detector and product elevator  
  • Large parts  
  • MAX109CX2 

Coffee and Tea Automated Filling Systems

Actionpac has been designing and manufacturing quality automated filling systems for over 25 years. One out of three coffee roasters worldwide is already using our simple, economic coffee scale to reduce man hours, increase production and maximize profits.

Our ME-1094 coffee scale is easy to use: fill the hopper with ground coffee, beans, or tea and access a preprogrammed target weight.  The scale automatically delivers the product to the weigh bucket.  Then step on the foot pedal and the product drops through the funnel into a hand-held bag.  As you reach for another bag, the ME-1094 refills the weigh bucket (to 1/100 oz), and waits for your next bag

Product Description

Twenty years experience in scale automation has produced the ME-1094, the most foolproof and economical weighing system available. The ME-1094 was designed by coffee people, for coffee people, for products from fine ground coffee or tea to whole beans --- even wrapped candies! A two-digit code recalls factory set parameters for commonly used weights (2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16 oz. / 50, 100, 250, 300, 500 g.), or as requested, with accuracy to 1/100 oz. (1/10 gram). In addition, 250 custom products/weights can be added with no special knowledge or training. This means the machine runs the same, every time, without set up or adjustment. All contact parts are stainless steel, removable and washable, for quick easy disassembly and cleaning.

Extreme Features

  • All operating variables, including feeder speeds, stored in memory - no operator adjustment, no operator error
  • Supervisor code to protect against accidental program alterations
  • Socketed circuit boards and components for ease of replacement
  • One year parts warranty
  • No moving wear parts
  • No maintenance required
  • Proprietary hopper / feeder design eliminates flow control variables
  • Weigh mode retained with each program - switch from grams to pounds to ounces, etc. at the touch of a key
  • All contact surfaces quick disconnect food grade stainless steel
  • Friendly, unlimited telephone support

Available with pushbutton calibration and optional nitrogen flush system 

ME1095 Baggar Integration with Reject Mechanism Coffee and Tea Automated Filling Systems

Hazardous Area Automation


  • Fireworks loading 
  • Naval weapons systems rocket loader, ultra high precision to kg x .01g

Integrated Metal Detector


  • Bulk filling and indexing with metal detector
  •  Case packer with metal detector and reject


  • Candy, nuts 
  • Case packer for 50 lb boxes of dry particulates (nuts, candies) with integrated metal detector and product elevator 
  • Garlic into plastic bottles 


Model range includes:

  • MINI109CX6 WASHDOWN:  2 to 8 oz portions with rates up to 120 per minute
  • ME1095CV:  veggies & wet pasta
  • ME109CDX4: whole garlic into plastic containers
  • MAX109CLDS: washdown system for IQF fruit/veggies with spreader feeder lane gate bag clamps
  • MINI109CBX4:  wash down dimpled stainless steel bowl system for beef jerkey into poucher 

Packaging Accessories

Model range includes:

  • Alignment trough
  • Bucket - tapered
  • Coffee elevator system
  • Diptop  
  • Elevator 
  • EZ flow elevator
  • EZ flow hopper 
  • EZ flow system  
  • specialty funnels
  • PVC tote feeder 
  • P14000 printer
  • Power funnel
  • Quick disconnect feeder pan 
  • Side gusset former  
  • Stand up pouch former 
  • Tip pan 
  • Turntable - 60`` with takeaway elevator
  • Vibrator platform


  • Segmented dip funnel
  • For use with baggers 
  • Mobile tote unloader

Hazardous Area Automation used for Naval Weapons Systems Rocket Loader

Coffee Elevator System

Parts Counting/Kitting

Actionpac has 25 years experience in automated parts counting. Our first unit, used to count gold pins for military connectors, is still in use today.

During this time, we have engineered innovative solutions to problems in automated counting and filling. Although we have identified standard weigh counting units on our price list, we recognize that no two applications are identical and that each application requires special attention.

Model range includes:

  • Kitting
  • Large parts 
  • Parts counting 
  • Parts kitting with reject
  • Parts kitting 
  • Eye counting vs. Weigh counting

Applications: Hardware parts 

Semi Automatic Basic Systems

Model range includes:

  • ME1095:  low density powder
  • ME1095CS: large particulates (chips & cookies) 
  • ME109

Small Container Indexing

Model range includes:

  • ME1095:  low density powder 
  • ME1095CSIX4:  candy packets into boxes with 2 up
  • MINI109CIX3: blending vitamin powders to 1/10 gm
  • ME1095CIH: ultra high precision rocket fillers
  • MINI109CSIX3: mints into various tins indexed at 80 per minute 

Automated Parts Counting/Kitting  Semi Automatic Basic Systems for Large Particulates such as Chips and Cookies

Total Systems Integration

Model range includes:

  • ME1095CSX4C:  high speed large particulate system for multivac or similar
  • MINI109CSXI3: vitamin filling system with dessicant pack disbursement
  • ME1095CX2/B: combination candy scale/candy counter into vertical form sealer 
  • ME1095CIX2:  kitting system with feeder bowl, conveyor, power funnel & bagger
  • MINI109CLIX3: dry particulate/powder bottling system
  • MINI1094CBX4: jerky boxing system 
  • (2)MINI109CLSIX3: mints into small metal tins at 80 to 100 cycles per minute
  • ME1095IH: hazardous area bottle filling

Laboratory/ Medical/Ordance/Assaying/Biotech

Model range includes:

  • MICRO109:  high precision medical to 1 mg
  • MICRO109:  1 mg biotech granule application 
  • MICRO109CE2:  eye counting single biotech parts into pouch
  • MINI109CB: high accuracy weigh counting into laminated pouch
  • ME1095CIH: ultra high precision to kg x .01g naval weapons rocket loader
  • MICRO109CL: micro bead portioning for medication distribution; validatable (0 verify)

Very Basic Semi Automatic Systems

Model range includes:

  • Actionpacker Basic: low cost no frills, no memory for very free flowing small particulates such as rice, beans, coffee

Total Systems Integration: Vitamin Filling System with Dessicant Pack Disbursement

Very Basic Semi Automatic Systems

One Lane Systems

  • MICRO109: 1000 cu in hopper, 10 cu in bucket, 1/100 gram
  • MINI109: 1 cu ft hopper, 60 cu in bucket, 1/10 gram standard
  • ME109: 2 cu ft hopper, 160 cu inch bucket, 1/100 oz to 1/10 gram standard
  • ME1095: 2.3 cu ft hopper, 250 cu inch bucket, 1 gram standard, lane gate 
  • MAX109: 4.3 cu ft hopper, 1 cu ft bucket, 1 gram standard
  • MAX109CLK: 4.3 cu ft hooper, <2 cu ft bucket, 1/100 lb/10g standard

Two Lane Systems

  • MINI109CX2: 1.5 cu ft hopper
  • ME109CX2: 3 cu ft hopper
  • ME1095CX2: 3.5 cu ft hopper
  • MAX109CX2: 6.5 cu ft hopper
  • MAX109CLKX2: 6.25 cu ft hopper

Three Lane Systems

  • MINI109CX3:  2 cu ft hopper 
  • ME109CX3: 4 cu ft hopper
  • ME1095CX3: 4.6 cu ft hopper
  • MAX109CX3: 8.6 cu ft hopper

Four Lane Systems 

  • MINI109CX4: 2.5 cu ft hopper 
  • ME109CX4: 5 cu ft hopper 
  • ME1095CXS4: 5.7 cu ft hopper
  • MAX109CX4:  10.75 cu ft hopper 

Combination Scales

The need to package products made up from pieces that vary greatly in size, shape, and weight drove the development of Combination Scales. This need, together with the ability of a computer to process data quickly, made the development of the rotary combination scales a possibility. The computer searches the available weigh buckets to find the combination of weights closest to the predetermined weight. Accuracy of individual weigh buckets is not required-total package weight depends upon the combined weight of the buckets selected to make up the desired total weight.

A combination scale is best suited to products whose particulates are irregular in size, shape, and (most important) large in relation to the package size. The complexity of the mechanical functions, together with the controls cost make the combination scale an expensive solution. A very high volume, or difficult flow characteristics, are required to justify this approach. Potato chips or carrots are examples of products that are effectively handled by a combination scale.

Net Weigh Scale

Products that are consistent in size and weight, such as nuts, coffee, dry chemicals, or a myriad of other products are more economically and accurately weighed by a Net Weigh Scale. A precision linear/net weigh scale is mechanically simple and can be operated by unskilled workers. Programming changes in weights or products can be accomplished with little training.

Higher cycle rates required by retail packages can be simply accommodated by multiple lane scales that handle simultaneous functions of weighing and filling without adding to the mechanical complexity. Production rates of 15 to 60 units per minute are typical at a fraction of combination scale costs, with accuracies to 1/100oz. Even bulk applications of 50lb. packages experience +/- 2/10% per cycle worst case accuracy with 0% average deviation.

One Lane Systems  Four Lane Systems
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