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Title Prospecting Online in the Packaging Industry
Author Cathleen Fillmore
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Prospecting online for customers has become big business, but few people know how to navigate the process effectively. First the company website needs to be state-of-the-art, not in terms of bells and whistles but in terms of being crystal clear about what’s being offered, creating a strong call to action and being easily accessible and navigable.
Supplier News
Dynamic SEMIFLEX® Cryogenic Piping – New 10 Year Warranty
Vacuum Barrier Corporation announces their new ten year warranty for Dynamic SEMIFLEX liquid nitrogen piping systems and dynamic components.
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Vacuum Barrier Corporation
Introducing TrackSure for Covert Barcode Application
TrackSure’s SmartInk provides immediate authentication. It can be printed on existing equipment and is easily added to the packaging.
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InkSure Technologies, Inc.
Rollprint Introduces Duet, New Generation Peelable Chevron Header Pouch
Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. has designed a header pouch called Duet, which reduces costs while offering improved aseptic presentation of medical products.
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Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.
Dynamic Conveyor Ranks No. 4740 on the 2007 Inc.
Dynamic Conveyor is ranked as No. 4740 in the list of 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country.
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Dynamic Conveyor Corporation
DDL Expands Second Environmental Testing Laboratory
DDL, a leading package testing services firm, specializing in medical device package testing, has expanded its second environmental testing laboratory in Eden Prairie.
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DDL, Inc.
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Latest on Packaging Machinery
Smaller, Faster, more Flexible Cartoner
With PacDrive, ELAU offers a tailored automation system; an ideal solution for all types of machine requirements that is developed exclusively for the consumer packaged goods industry.
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New Rotary Vacuum Fill-Seal Machine
Perfect packaging unveils new Rotary Vacuum Fill-Seal Machine with carousels, divided into 8 filling stations and 8 vacuum chambers, and is capable of packing up to 30 packs per minute.
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Industrial Packaging Updates
GE Plastics to Help Healthcare Overcome Mono-Material Packaging Limitations
GE Plastics has introduced an in-house co-injection method to help developers of healthcare packaging to overcome the limitations of mono-material solutions.
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TricorBraun Says Clarified Polypropylene a Good Alternative to PET
TricorBraun has launched a new line of clarified polypropylene injection stretch blow moulded (CPP-ISBM) bottles.
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Packaging Ways to Make the Supply Chain Green
Corporate America is going green and it's already having an effect on environmentally sustainable business practices.
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Packaging is indispensable for almost every industry now. Sturdy packaging is essential for good protection of the products. It is this area that the stalwarts of the packaging industry have mastered.

Vacuum Barrier Corporation introduces Dynamic SEMIFLEX®, a liquid nitrogen piping system. It is constructed to reduce operating costs, minimize liquid losses, and eliminate frost and moisture problems.

Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. has designed a new generation, peelable chevron header pouch called Duet, which reduces costs, while offering improved aseptic presentation of medical products.

GE Plastics has introduced an in-house co-injection method which will help developers of healthcare packaging overcome the limitations of mono-material solutions.  CPP-ISBM bottles from TricorBraun have the clarity and sheen of PET bottles, and a moisture vapour transmission rate that is 14 times that of PET and 2.5 times that of HDPE.

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