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Pressure Sensitive Tear Tape for Easy-Opening, Branding and Product/Brand Security

Payne is the world`s leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tear tape for easy-opening, branding and communication and product/brand security, supplying to producers of consumer products.

Unique is the ability to provide a combination of easy opening, tamper-evidence, product promotion, brand enhancement, and security features in one cost-effective medium.

Established in 1911, the company has expanded from its UK base to factories and sales locations in Germany, USA, Brazil, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

Payne is a part of Filtrona plc, the international, market leading specialty plastic and fibre products supplier.


Payne`s range of self-adhesive tear tapes responds to the demands in the consumer goods industry for consumer-friendly packaging. Tear tapes offer the convenience of quick, safe and easy access to the pack. Products include Supastrip, Vaktape Plus and Rippatape.

Supastrip - for Flexible Packaging

  • Suitable for application to most types of over-wrap, roll-wrap and flow-wrap films
  • Coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, the tape bonds on contact with the film on the wrapping machine ensuring trouble-free application
  • Tape is supplied on lengths of up to 120,000m reducing downtime required for reel changes
  • Compatible for use for easy opening in chocolate and sweet confectionery, biscuit/cookies, toiletries, stationery, shrink sleeves, magnetic media and tobacco packaging

Vaktape Plus - for Hermetically Sealed Packaging

  • Combines easy opening with airtight pack freshness
  • Manufactured from a high-strength film and specially formulated adhesive, this unique tear tape system creates an airtight bond with the film during the pack sealing process
  • Functions even in moist and chilled conditions
  • Used in dairy, cheese, fish, cold meats, coffee, bagged vegetables and pharmaceutical sectors

Rippatape - for Paper and Boxboard Packaging

  • Self adhesive tear tape providing a safe and versatile access to corrugated and fiberboard packaging
  • Applied in-line on the corrugators, laminator or printing machine
  • Offers an effective alternative to perforations or score lines in cartons, where loss of compression strength is critical
  • In the home, tear tape eliminates the risk of injury to the consumer, replacing sharp blades used to open the carton
  • In the store, quick and safe access to the product speeds up shelf stocking without damaging the product
  • Can also be printed for brand enhancement
  • Used in corrugated and fiberboard primary and secondary packaging in food, canned, and bottled products and in soap cartons, courier envelopes, and paper sacks


Payne has invested in the latest technology in print reproduction and registration. Tear tape can be printed with customized designs for use as part of a promotions campaign. Accurate color matching and design reproduction in line with branding is assured. Gravure cylinders used in the printing process are produced with the latest technology ensuring the highest quality print. Printed tear tapes offer a cost-effective alternative means of on-pack communication.


Using the latest developments in digital and variable data printing, Payne is able to provide new and exciting web and text based promotions that are designed to reinforce and enhance your brand image.

With a proven track record with companies such as Wrigley`s, Payne can successfully help you implement a variable data promotion.

Payne`s design studio, equipped with ISDN lines, is available to offer assistance with artwork creation. With the convenience of easy opening and tamper evidence, printed tear tapes perform two functions in one.

All products comply with FDA and European food contact regulations for packaging materials.

Payne offers a range of dispensers and applicating equipment which can be retrofit to most types of wrapping machines.


  • Payne Security is dedicated to delivering solutions to brand owners to protect their products from counterfeiting, pass-off, theft, fraud and smuggling 
  • A combination of specialist expertise, innovative security technologies and a range of carrier products is used to tailor solutions to each brand`s individual needs

Contact Details:


NG16 2GT
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 115 975 9000
Fax: +44 115 975 9001



Pressure Sensitive Tear Tape


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