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Chocolates, Sweets and Other Applications

Packaging of Chocolates and Other Applications

Working with chocolate has always been a craft. If you talk to a confectioner, you are talking to an enthusiastic craftsman. Chocolate also has a special importance for the consumer. The consumption of chocolate is a real moment of pleasure and gives rise to a feeling of bliss. It is not only the actual chocolate that is important here; the packaging also has a role to play. EuroFlex is happy to be of service regarding the packaging of the most diverse sorts and forms of chocolate. For this, we use coated aluminium complexes and pure aluminium foil with a thickness of 10 to 50 Mu. The possible applications are very diverse, from delightful looking luxurious packaging to bulk printing work, from chocolate coins to chocolates and chocolate bars.

You can also call on the expertise of EuroFlex for sweet wrappers. Packaging for sweets and chocolate can sometimes be subject to trends or themes, for instance connected with the merchandizing for major films in the cinema, or products themed for particular times of the year (Easter, Christmas, etc).

EuroFlex is open to any challenge and is happy to invest in the successful future of your product with you. We guarantee packaging that meets the highest quality standards and which has a strong promotional value. We make enthusiastic use of our expertise and experience in order to broach new markets successfully in partnership.

Below are just a few of the possible applications:

  • Bread Packaging And Bakery Products
  • PET Food Packaging
  • Cellophane Packaging
  • Liver Paste Packaging
  • Wrappers For Hamburgers And Sandwiches
  • Wrapping Paper For Wine, Shoes And Leather Articles

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Chocolate Packaging

Bread Packaging

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