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Digital Flexo Suites, Imagers and Artwork Systems
Flexible Packaging and Corrugated Converting
Digital Flexo Plate Making and Labels

Innovative Solutions for Packaging, Commercial Printing and Professional Publishing


Esko’s complete range of digital flexo plate making equipment sets the standards in the flexo industry. The Kongsberg digital converting tables are famous for their unmatched production performance for boxes, signs and displays. Discover productive hardware enabling you to be faster and more effective.

Flexo CtP

Over 90% of all digital flexo plates globally are imaged on a CDI, demonstrating that flexo printers insist on CDI plates and sleeves for their work.

They attain superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure. With the CDI, trade shops are able to offer superior quality, while printers receive print consistency.

Flexo Plate Imagers

  • CDI Spark 2120 small footprint
  • CDI Spark 2530 for tag and label, folding carton and small volume flexo plates
  • CDI Spark 4835 for small/medium volume label and folding carton and converters
  • CDI Spark 4260 for the highest quality flexo applications
  • CDI Spark 5080 for producing larger format plates
  • CDI Compact 4835 images digital flexo plates as well as sleeves
  • CDI Advance 5080 : the world’s most advanced digital flexo imaging device

Cutting Tables

The Esko Kongsberg die-less cutting and creasing tables deliver record-breaking productivity and versatility, resulting from leading edge technology.

There is a Kongsberg table for every need:

  • for every format: from small (the XE-series) over large (the XL-series) to extra large (the Kongsberg DCM)
  • for every material: from vinyl, folding carton, foam to triple-wall cardboard, wood and acrylics (up to 25 mm/1”)
  • for every process: creasing, cutting, plotting, milling
  • for every application: small-lot production, sample making, finishing of signs and displays

Digital Flexo Suite

The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through automated flexo plate optimization. It is a collection of EskoArtwork's plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

The Digital Flexo Suite adds a flow of information to plate making. Automatically, instantly and with computerized accuracy a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting and data files are made for mounting.

Significant Cost Savings: Packaging printers, converters and trade shops can dramatically boost profits and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary plate wastage and by reducing human errors.

  • Patches are repositioned to maximize plate usage
  • Cross marks are added automatically, with job by jobs IDs
  • There are no oversights, the system asks for missing elements
  • Labor costs are reduced by the automatic process

The Digital Flexo Suite has different flavors

  • Digital Flexo Suite for corrugated
  • Digital Flexo Suite for folding carton
  • Digital Flexo Suite for labels and tags


Esko Software Suite

Esko Software Suite 7 (formerly known as SCOPE) is the world's most complete set of integrated packaging preproduction software tools. It features a wide range of powerful tools for structural design, graphic design, one-up editing, sheet layout, workflow management and collaboration, color management and output control.

Esko Configuration Manager

Esko Configuration Manager is based on a communication between the customer configuration and the Esko configuration server. In a first step, a collection process is ran to compile a system information file. This file is kept locally at the customer premises and transferred to the Esko configuration server. Based on the acquired information, appropriate actions can be taken to further improve optimal use of the Esko Configuration.

Artwork Systems

Artwork Systems provides professional pre-press software solutions for the graphic arts industry to service the needs of the label, packaging, publication and commercial color printing markets.

Structural CAD

ArtiosCAD: ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging design. With dedicated tools specifically designed for packaging professionals for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, ArtiosCAD increases productivity throughout your company. ArtiosCAD is the ideal product for all corrugated, folding carton and POP display designers. Artios CAD's Design Modules are the best there are today.

Color Management

Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope is a superior tool for absolute color accuracy. It maximizes color consistency, predictability & repeatability in every stage of pre-production. Kaleidoscope is an integrated color system in every module of Esko Software Suite 7. Kaleidoscope is also the ideal solution for multi color process profiling.

Kaleidoscope dramatically reduces cost in adopting digital printing:

  • Waste reduction
  • Reduced press setup
  • Reduced prepress time to prepare jobs for digital

Design & Prepress

  • Trapping, step and repeat, editing: PackEdge is a pre-production editor offering dedicated tools focused on major prepress pain points (e.g. trapping, distortion)
  • Plato is a powerful tool for the creation of the most complex step-and-repeat layouts.
  • The DeskPack plug-ins turn Adobe® Illustrator® CS and Adobe® Photoshop® CS into full-fledged prepress production tools.
  • ArtPro is a productive and effective editor for label and packaging pre-production on Apple Macintosh.
  • Neo is an efficient multipage PDF editor.
  • Packaging Visualization: Visualizer creates moving, realistic, on-screen mock-ups of complex packaging designs – even with special finishes like spot UV varnish, foil block and embossing.
  • Imposition: FastImpose is powerful imposition software going beyond interactive page stripping.
  • Image retouching, ink manipulation and multichannel files: Colortone is image retouching software with a robust set of tools for color correction, ink usage optimization and editing of multichannel files.

Output and Screening

  • Ripping: FlexRip offers RIP Solutions for all output and compatibility with open industry standards.
  • Proofing: FlexProof is the ICC compatible, professional solution taking care of high quality and consistent digital proofing.
  • Calibrate and Control: IntelliCurvePro enables to calibrate and control output devices and presses.
  • Symphony synchronizes device calibration and press compensation with color management.
  • Perfect Flexographic Output: FlexoPerfection allows editing of ripped (EPS, TIFF, LEN) bitmap files.
  • Digitally check plates with DOTSpy.


Esko has developed and masters a wide range of innovative technologies that make its products stand out from the competition, both in hardware and software.

  • Ghent PDF Workgroup
  • Flexo Sleeves
  • JDF
  • Braille workflow
  • MCPP
  • Normalize PDF
  • Step & Repeat
  • XMP

Digital Flexo Suite

Cutting Tables

Packaging Design


EskoArtwork is the number one supplier of the packaging supply chain. Our view on its trends and requirements allows us to develop a broad range of market leading products. Hence, EskoArtwork’s solutions answer the needs of our customers in a wide variety of packaging industry processes.

Labels & Tags

EskoArtworks brings a wide variety of features and functions to label and tag creating and producing professionals, enabling them to dramatically boost their profits and increase their productivity throughput by eliminating unnecessary plate wastage and reducing human errors.

No matter what kind of tags or labels you are creating, no matter what the size or specialty of your activity, EskoArtwork has a solution that matches your requirements.


  • Producing labels and tags can be easy, with the right solutions
  • Turn jobs around faster
  • Master today’s complex printing environments
  • Reduce costs and increase control with workflow automation

Folding Carton

The development of a new carton package involves many partners in the supply chain. They all share the same key objective: to turn a concept as fast as possible into a product on the shelves, while meeting quality, brand image and regulatory standards.

Many small and mid-size shops as well as the most prestigious names in the corrugated converting industry have decided in favor of a long-term partnership with EskoArtwork – in favor of a prospering business.


  • Collaboration and communication
  • Structural design
  • Graphic design
  • Step & Repeat
  • Dynamic packaging visualization
  • Output and screening
  • Sample making and short run production

Corrugated Converting

Using corrugated boxes as promotional pieces has created new demands on corrugated converting, requiring specialized techniques for prepress, printing and diecutting.

EskoArtwork‘s suite for professional packaging seamlessly brings together both structural and graphic design.

Many small and mid-size shops as well as the most prestigious names in the corrugated converting industry have decided in favor of a long-term partnership with EskoArtwork – in favor of a prospering business.


  • Structural design
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Samplemaking
  • Graphic design
  • Step & Repeat
  • Output and screening
  • Plate making - Digital Flexo Suite
  • Short run production

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging's strong growth is due in part to improvements to printing quality and efficiency. See how Esko Software Suite 7 offers productive solutions geared to generate better, more consistent print quality on the widest range of materials.



If you don’t prepare packaging or commercial print artwork correctly before imposition or step & repeat, you’re in for trouble. Esko Software Suite 7 has the industry's best preflighting, trapping and artwork editors – and professional plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator®.

Sign and Display

Sample boxes, promotional materials, counter displays, point-of-purchase setups, even complete in-store decorations: they are all most valuable marketing tools for consumer product companies and retailers.

EskoArtwork's suite of CAD and graphics design software, pre-production tools and sample making systems are the tools of choice for converters that want to offer their customers the best services. EskoArtwork is also the pioneer for digital die-less converting, a flexible solution for small series production.

Digital Flexo Suite

The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through automated flexo plate optimization. It is a collection of EskoArtwork's plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

The Digital Flexo Suite adds a flow of information to plate making. Automatically, instantly and with computerized accuracy a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting and data files are made for mounting.

Digital Printing

See how Esko Software Suite 7 drives both conventional and digital printing presses. Using just one workflow, you can decide at the end of the workflow to which press you will send a job. You get the same quality output, consistently.


  • Consistency, repeatability and predictability
  • Color management
  • Automated digital finishing systems for signs and displays

Commercial Printing

Commercial printers seek excellence in quality, job turnaround, and cost efficiency. Esko Software Suite provides workflow automation to reduce errors and eliminate costs, and tools to support communication with customers – supporting PDF and JDF standards.

Design Life-Cycle Management

EskoArtwork's Design Life-Cycle Management solution increases packaging innovation and streamlines the package design process – from ideation through production and converting.

MIS / ERP Integration

In a 21st century business environment, a pre-production workflow can no longer reside on its island and has to connect safely to MIS or ERP systems.

Esko Software Suite 7, using industry accepted XML, JMF and JDF standards, allows preproduction systems to securely pull information resources to and from MIS or ERP systems.

JDF / JMF: Both WebCenter and BackStage offer MIS / ERP connectivity. JDF is used to automate BackStage Job creation, including Job parameters like inks, barcodes, layout 'Stripping' page imposition and page assignment.

Labels and Tags

Folding Carton

Commercial Printing


EskoArtwork is a global supplier and integrator of innovative solutions for packaging, commercial printing and professional publishing. Its products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and expand business.

EskoArtwork is the worldwide market leader with pre-production and collaboration software for packaging buyers, designers and manufacturers. Its portfolio of software products integrates graphic, structural and process management functions for packaging, label, sign and display applications.

The wide range of Esko CDI computer-to-plate imagers offers the highest quality and productivity for digital flexo platemaking. Esko Kongsberg flexible cutting & creasing and short-run converting tables complete the portfolio for the packaging, label, sign and display industries.

EskoArtwork also provides a range of workflow solutions for the commercial printing and publishing market, as well as the Enfocus suite of PDF tools for graphic designers and print production professionals.

In addition, EskoArtwork offers its customers a portfolio of application support and consultancy services.

Created from the merger of Esko-Graphics and Artwork Systems in August 2007, EskoArtwork employs around 1,000 people worldwide. Its global sales and support organization covers Europe, the Americas, Asia/Pacific and Japan, and is completed by a network of distribution partners in more than 40 countries.

EskoArtwork is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic and the United States. Total revenues in 2006 amounted to EUR 173.5 million, with an EBITDA of EUR 30.4 million.


Your business really depends upon reliable customer services. EskoArtwork is committed to maximizing your profitability by providing outstanding support during pre-installation, installation and production.

Consultancy: Boosting Customer Value and ROI

Your success depends on finding ways to work smarter, quicker, and better. EskoArtwork is there to share its valuable expertise with its customers throughout the value chain.

Esko service offerings that help you work smarter, quicker and better

  • Quick win programs: achieve or prioritize a ROI roadmap.
  • Color excellence: improve color management capabilities.
  • Operational excellence: improve workflow efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Collaborative excellence: integrate customers or suppliers in the packaging supply chain.
  • Integration excellence: integrate application architectures to support end-to-end workflows.
  • User Cases: Short stories about how Esko integrates prepress systems with business systems.

Support: Professional, Direct and Fast Support

Once a system is fully operational, it is essential that you can rely on a fast and continuous support to maximize your uptime. Our service is based on two pillars: extensive remote support and on-site visits.

When customers call us, their first contact person is one of our dispatchers in Customer Operations. They register the question or problem into a computerized call tracking system and will give the customer a unique log number. This unique number allows us to track all activities that are performed with respect to this problem, until it is solved.

Once the request is registered, it is forwarded to our first line technical support people in the Competence Centers. In these centers, our engineers focus on analyzing and solving problems by phone and/or by using remote control tools which allows a better and faster diagnosis of the issue. An expert is assigned to the call and will maintain contact with the customer until the problem is solved.

When a problem cannot be solved remotely, we send one of our field service engineers to visit you on-site. Thanks to our extensive remote support, we can sufficiently prepare the field service engineer before the visit - saving time and money.

EskoArtwork's local support teams and our network of fully supported field service engineers from certified distributors ensure that customers can rely on fast on-site service, wherever they are located.


Good training offers many benefits to your company. It enhances the skills of your employees and increases productivity - thus increasing return on investment. The EskoArtwork Academy offers a wide and diverse range of training sessions to achieve these goals.

  • Training programs organized in a certified EskoArtwork training center are typically general EskoArtwork software courses. Learn the ins and outs of the software without the interruptions of the day-to-day activities.
  • Our on-site training focuses on the integration of EskoArtwork software in your workflow.
  • After installation and basic product training, we offer on-site startup services to ensure a smooth implementation. These follow-up services assess whether the recently purchased software and hardware is used to the fullest extent of its capabilities.
  • For small upgrades or product features that require a limited amount of assistance, we offer remote training. It allows you to plan the training when it is most convenient. It is financially attractive because there are no travel costs. In some instances for software upgrades, upgrade movies are available to provide the insight necessary for an operator to begin working with an upgraded application until any necessary training can be acquired.
  • To further familiarize your technicians with the EskoArtwork hardware, we provide a hardware training program. Better technical knowledge will maximize the uptime of the equipment. These sessions are organized in the production-site of the specific hardware.


Professional Support

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