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Company Profile Corvaglia Group
Corvaglia Closures for PET Bottles: Inexpensive and Reliable
Corvaglia Injection Mould Tools: Perfecting the Art of Cap Manufacture
Modular Injection Mould Tools: Bolsters and Cavities
Corvaglia Stands for the Most Cost-Effective Closures
Closures Around the Globe

Widemouth and Sport Plastic Caps and Closures for Beverages and Bottling Systems

Corvaglia Group, with headquarters in Eschlikon, Switzerland is a leading manufacturer of economical closures and caps for carbonated and still beverages, water, juices, dairy products and edible oil. The company's range of services goes from cap design, through development and manufacture of injection mould tools and cap manufacture right up to capping the filled bottle. Worldwide one in five PET bottles is closed with a cap from a Corvaglia injection mould tool.

You simply get a lot of benefits: inexpensive closures prompt delivery upon your order and our entire know-how spanning the whole process chain to ensure a trouble-free capping process in your bottling line. We would be delighted to assist you in the selection of a suitable closure for your PET bottles: at a truly appealing price or help you implement new product ideas. We succeed because our expertise ranges from closure design via injection mould engineering and closure production all the way to the capping process. Rely on our experience! You will save time and reduce costs. Please give us a call! We look forward to advising you.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Bottle neck: PCO Standard, PCO 19, PCO Corvaglia
  • Art. No.: 28_22_21_1, 28_22_19_1, 28_22_17_1
  • Description: 28mm / 1-Start
  • Seal type: Triple seal
  • Safety Band: Drop away
  • Components: 1
  • Material: HDPE
  • Slip agent: With or without

Cold and Aseptic

  • Bottle Neck: 37mm 2-Start, 38mm 3-Start, 48mm 3-Start
  • Art. No.: 37_32_17_2, 38_33_16_3, 48_41_19_3
  • Description: 37mm / 2-Start, 38mm / 3-Start, 48mm / 3-Start
  • Seal Type: Plug seal
  • Safety Band: Drop away
  • Components: 1
  • Material: HDPE
  • Slip Agent: With or without

Edible Oil

  • Bottle Neck: 29 snap on
  • Art. No.: 29_21_10
  • Description: 29mm / Snap on
  • Seal Type: Plug seal
  • Safety Band: Tear-off membrane
  • Components: 2
  • Material: HDPE / LDPE
  • Slip Agent: With or without

Still Water

  • Bottle Neck: 30 / 25 high
  • Art. No.: 30_25_18_3
  • Description: 30mm / 3-Start
  • Seal Type: Plug seal
  • Safety Band: Drop away
  • Components: 1
  • Material: HDPE
  • Slip Agent: With or without

Push Pull Sport Closures

  • Bottle Neck: PCO Standard, 30 / 25 high, 37mm 2-Start, 38mm 3-Start
  • Art.No.: 28_22_21_1_Sport, 30_25_18_3_Sport, 37_32_17_2_Sport, 38_33_16_3_Sport
  • Description: 28mm / 1-Start, 30mm / 3-Start, 37mm / 2-Start, 38mm / 3-Start
  • Seal Type: Plug seal
  • Safety Band: Drop away
  • Components: 3
  • Material: HDPE / LDPE / PP
  • Slip Agent: With

022 Sports Cap

2719 Sports Cap

2074 Sports Cap

1881 Sports Cap

Hand-crafted precision, skilled toolmakers, state-of-the-art machinery, and top quality materials - together these add up to half the reason for the success of our mould tools. The other half of the reason is a clear focus on caps and closures.

Are you looking to lead the way in cutting the cost of cap manufacture?

We would be pleased to advise you on the choice of the correct mould tool, or to help you bring to life your ideas for new caps. We are ideally positioned to do this because our expertise goes from cap design, through mould tool manufacture and cap production, right up to, and including, fitting the cap onto the bottle.

Injection Mould Tools

Injection Mould Tools

To make sure that our caps are exactly the right shape and the right fit we fine-tune them to within 1/100th of a millimetre, which means the demands placed on our components are equally stringent.

We are proud of our tool making technology. For example, our latest technological developments allow us to bring the cooling water closer than ever before to the hot plastic material. Our cycle times are one step ahead of the rest. Specially selected materials and innovative surface finish technology enable us to regularly extend the boundaries of "the possible" just that bit further.

All of our mould tools are sampled under normal production conditions before delivery to the customer.

Injection Mould Tools

Injection Mould Tools

The patented Corvaglia closures are the most cost-effective solution for virtually all bottled beverages and meet all requirements with regard to functionality, safety and user friendliness. Whether for a standard bottle neck or a special application, one of our closures will certainly match your product. If not, we will gladly develop one for you. How is it possible for us to offer such appealing prices for PET bottle closures? Our recipe is: as good as necessary and at the best possible price. Just recently, we developed a new bottle neck - the PCO Corvaglia for carbonated soft drinks: Due to its lightweight construction, this neck is particularly cost effective. Also cost-effective, and a step ahead of the latest technology, are our injection moulds on which we produce the closures.

36 Cost-Effective Flat Closures

Diverse Closures

Worldwide, about 20% of all PET bottles for soft drinks are equipped with Corvaglia closures. In Asia, our closures have represented the standard for years. Several of our closures have been tested by internationally represented beverage producers and approved for their specific applications in various regions. Especially large corporations routinely subject Corvaglia closures to stringent laboratory tests before their headquarters issue approvals.

Easy Open Cap
Visit our website for further information about our company.       

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