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Machine Vision

Machine Vision Systems for Cost Effective Solutions for Vision and Inspection Needs

RDG is dedicated to providing the customer with the highest possible value for their investment. This does not mean simply cost savings, although our solutions are extremely competitive. What it does mean is that you can be assured of the highest quality in Materials, Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Implementation, and Documentation. Any vendor who falls short in any of these categories is doing you a disservice. You are buying not a system or supply, but rather a solution. The customer is paramount in deciding what is to be accomplished, but we are providing our wealth of experience and capability to allow the customer to profit from. Use that capability wisely. Unlike our competitors, this company has no failures in the field and we will not permit the first to occur. What we are guaranteeing is simple - Cost Effective Solutions. We have both the technical talent and the in-house resources, including an extensive machine shop and software development capability, to assure your solution is under tight control and delivered on a timely basis.

  • LightSpeed Vision Systems Series 
  • CodeSpect®: Smart Camera, Multi-Camera PC Based, Ultra Fast & Precise Line Scan Systems
  • BlistSpect®: Wide Web Barcode Quality & Full Text Inspection
  • LabelSpect : Expiry & Lot + Label ID / Full Label Text Inspection
  • WebSpect®: UltraFast 3 CCD True Color Line Scan Technology

700 Feet / Minute Full Color Web Inspection with Barcode Quality Verification 29,400 Labels / Minute, defects as small as .002” detected, up to 16” wide web OCV, OCR, Color Variance & Registration, Missing & Extra Ink + Smudges Super Smart – Show & Go Self Training Systems Technology.

We are pleased to say that RDG is the only systems integrator authorized by virtually all of the leading manufacturers of machine vision. Historically, most of our solutions have been based on Vision Hardware from Cognex, Acuity, DVT and we currently support over sixteen different manufacturers hardware. RDG`s own LightSpeed Vision System series are the new performance leaders.

RDG is not locked into one vendor and their equipment. We are able to choose from all manufacturers to offer you the most suitable cost effective solution for your vision and inspection needs.

Machine Vision is one area in which experience counts more than in any other of the Automatic Identification Technologies. Go with that proven ability. Get the optics, the software, the hardware, and the integration right the first time. Be sure that your system can take the appropriate action in real time in your high speed environment. Let RDG deliver your turnkey solution for general purpose machine vision, cosmetic inspection, defect detection, glass inspection, label printing, product identification, Data Matrix, RSS and barcode reading. RDG has delivered more Data Matrix solutions than any other integrator.

For those of you requiring high speed inspection of barcodes on your label webs, RDG is pleased to announce that our latest vision system solutions can deliver inspection at 7200 labels per minute - single lane and 29,400 labels per minute multi-lane with defect tracking and reporting. No longer do you have to slow your web rewinders to a small fraction of their speed capability. Would such capability fully integrated into your web rewinder and control systems for our base installed price of $15,900 appeal to you? Compare that to other lower performance solutions that start at $60,000 and you see why we are the clear technology and price performance leader. Call us on this and other ways that we can increase your productivity while assuring that your 100% quality product goals are met!

RDG and manuupdated filese High-Speed Systems for Machine Vision and Laser based inspection for Print Inspection, Automatic Identification Inspection including Code Quality, Product Quality, Wide Web Inspection, High Speed Component Dimensional Inspection, Robotic & Pick & Place Guidance, Glass Inspection, and many more inspection tasks.

RDG has manufactured the CVS 2000 Component Verification System to verify all major linear Bar Code symbologies as well as Pharmacode, RSS14, RSS Limited, and RSS Stacked at an industry fastest rate of 2000 scans per second. This system is designed to support multiple training modes, including keyed show and go self-learning, external handheld laser training, terminal keypad data entry, and remote download. The MTBF for the system exceeds 100,000 hours and unlike the competition, the system is completely end user serviceable. Coupled with the industry's fastest performance is the industry's lowest price. For FDA regulated companies, this is the easiest system to validate. Click here to see a data sheet on the CVS2000, Component Verification System, at a cost of less than $7,000 installed, complete with custom mounting bracketry and inspection triggers.

The beautifully simple, 2000 inspection per second CVS2000 System for linear barcode inspection, complete with high speed counters up to 9,999,999 and complete machine stop and control interface functionality.
CVS2000 VARS Sales Sheet

Besides 2000 scan per second bar code reading systems, RDG also provides 60 image per second two dimensional code reading systems and Vision Systems solutions. RDG has installed turnkey systems performing up to 3600 complete inspections tasks per minute.

In addition to Custom RDG and products, we particularly like providing solutions based upon Microscan MS 9 & Quadrus-EZ based systems, the Datalogic Matrix 2000, the LVS 6000, the Cognex MVS 8504 and In-Sight 5400 products. For very wide inspection applications we might use wide array linear cameras coupled with high-speed processor boards from Matrox Imaging. RDG has provided turnkey solutions based upon all manufacturers shown on this page, and many more.

The experience of our staff, coupled with the use of sophisticated three-dimensional design tools, complemented by our in-house machine shop, insure timely delivery and reasonable cost. The capabilities of our programmers assure you will get the tight code that is required for high speed real time systems. The talent of our electrical / electronic design and fabrication staff is your assurance of a reliable up-to-date system.

Machine Vision Systems  Machine Vision
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