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Food and Beverage Packaging Products
Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging
Pharmaceutical and Medical Flexible Packaging
Beauty and Personal Care Products
Cosmetic Packaging Products
Tobacco Packaging

Packaging Solutions for Consumer Goods, Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Cosmetics and Personal Care, and Tobacco Products

Alcan Packaging manufactures a wide range of packaging products for the food and beverage industry and is one of the largest producers of flexible packaging in both Europe and the Americas, converting film, foil and paper materials. Alcan Packaging brings together the proudest and best traditions of Alcan, Lawson Mardon and VAW Flexible Packaging, forming the basis of a global supply of packaging from an extensive plant network containing the most modern, efficient equipment available, and combines this with the people and 'know-how' to create the pre-eminent supplier of packaging.

Our product portfolio includes a full range of printed and coated plastics and cellulose films, papers, and aluminum foil.

Coatings available include cold seal, heat-seal, hot melt and many lacquers and varnishes including some compounded for specific applications. We also produce mono and co-extruded plastic films for specialist applications and metallised plastic films in-house.

In addition to plain foils, many products are laminated, lacquered, extrusion coated, or printed.

Food Packaging Products

Aerosol Cans 

Our extensive market range includes personal care, technical, food and pharmaceutical products, as well as bottles. Alcan Packaging Cebal aerosol and non-aerosol range of includes: Round & Rim shoulder one-piece aerosol cans, screw neck cans, shaped aerosols and embossed-debossed cans.


Alcan Packaging is a leading supplier of pouchstock for beverage FFS applications. Our films can be adapted to make different types of packs: Labels, Pouches and pouchstock, Stand-up pouches and High decorative tinplate containers for the spirits market. 

Biscuits & Cookies

Over-wrapping, Family packs, Mono-packs, Vertical and horizontal flow-wraps for snack size packs, Stabilo bags, a range of attractive tinplate containers, Tin-tie bag, Block bottom and Containers.


Printed heat sealable block-bottom bags for muesli and other cartonless products, Cartonless products, Flow wrap for cereal bars, Compartment containers and Bag in box.


Our films can be adapted to make different types of packs: Vertical Flowpack, Horizontal Flowpack, Stick packs, Blisters, Pouches, Thermoformed shells, Novelties and bars, Twisting, Wrapping, Thermobunched packaging, Decorative tin plate containers, Multipacks and Promotional items.


A wide range of foil and non-foil substrates are converted, and a full range of coatings (wax, hot melt, cold seal, PVDC, extrusion and others) and heat seal lacquer specifications are used. Gravure and flexo printing is employed. Our films can be adapted to make different types of packs: Stick packs suitable for hot filling, Tube packs, Thermoformed trays (flexible or rigid), Sachets and Stand-up pouches.

Dried food

Our laminates can be adapted to make different types of packs: Containers for human and pet food, Composite cans, Peelable lidding for aluminum, composite and tin cans, Vacuum coffee packs, Unit dose stick pack for coffee, Wrapping for cubes, Stabilo bag, Decorated tinplate containers, Over-wrapping, Multi-packs, Soft packs, Stand-up pouch, Flowpack and stand-up pouches- Dry food sachets.

Fresh & Frozen foods

We produce a range of specialist packaging for these markets. Fresh food includes meat, processed meat, poultry, seafood, convenience food, soups etc. Frozen food includes ice creams, frozen fruits and vegetables etc.


Our films can be adapted to make different types of packs: Retortable stand-up pouches, Retortable pouches and pouch stock, 0,5 to 15 kg - bags with side gussets and zips, Lidding for trays, printed in gravure or UV flexo or plain, Foil trays, Two or three-piece steel cans and Chubb packs.

Retorted Foods

  • Flexibles & Containers
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Sauces & Dressings
  • Flexibles & Containers
  • Plastic Tubes
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Laminated Tubes
  • Heads, Caps & Closures
  • Snacks

Our films can be adapted to make different types of packs: Label, liners and membranes for the composite cans used for snacks, Easy-peel membranes for composite or tinplate cans, including ALUFIX®, Family packs, Over-wrapping, Pre-formed stand-up pouch.

Wines, Alcohols & Champagnes

Pechiney Capsules is the world`s leading manufacturer of caps and overcaps for wines, champagne and spirits, including customized closures. We offer customers a wide range of products, from long-skirt aluminum capsules to drawn-tin overcaps, and incomparable possibilities of printing and innovation

Aluminum Retorted Food Tubes Flexible Containers for Sauces and Dressings

Healthcare Contract Packaging

Adapting quickly to change is vital to thrive in a competitive environment, whether you’re outsourcing your packaging activities, launching a new product or conducting clinical trials.

It takes an agile business like ours to move in lockstep with your evolving needs. Whatever the contract packaging challenge, we work in partnership with you to develop highly innovative and customized solutions that are tailored precisely for your company.

By continuously improving and innovating our processes, our products and our services, we can ensure a Quality Assurance program that will meet our customers' needs.

Clinical Trials and Stability Packaging

  • Labeling pre-filled dosage forms
  • Primary and secondary packaging (open, single, double blind studies) 

Blister Packaging

  • Strip packaging
  • Coldforming (Aluminum/Aluminum high barrier blisters)
  • Cartoning
  • Vision systems 

Sample Packaging

  • Blister physician samples
  • Promotional packaging
  • Unit dose packaging
  • Starter dose packs
  • Bottles 

Solid Dose Bottle Filling

  • Filling
  • Sealing
  • Labeling
  • Induction capping

Liquid Unit Dose Packaging

  • Consistent accurate dosage
  • Unique configurations ideal for a variety of applications
  • FDA approved resin
  • Available in natural or opaque colors
  • Printed in multiple colors

Secondary Contract Packaging

We offer highly flexible secondary contract packaging services, and can develop specifications for your secondary components and purchase them on your behalf.

We can use your approved suppliers or receive your secondary components (labels, inserts, stickers, etc.).

Card Sealing

  • Clinical Trials
  • Trade Packages
  • Physician Samples
  • Bar Code Detection Systems 

Controlled Substance Packaging

  • Solid and Liquid Dose
  • Unit Dose and Small Volume 

Product Launches

Comprehensive and reliable concept-to-market product launches, controlled under one roof

In-Line Printing and Bar Code Scanning

As per FDA requirements


  • Kits
  • General Assembly 

Unit Dose Printing

Tubes can be printed with up to two colors using a dry offset printing press with a UV ink system

Flexible Pharmaceutical Cold Formed Laminates

Label Liners

Alcan Packaging is one of the world`s leading suppliers of packaging to the pharmaceutical industry. With production sites and cutting edge R&D expertise in Europe and in the Americas, we have established partnerships with industry leaders worldwide.

Our diverse products and services include aluminum aerosol cans and airless pump dispensers, aluminum slugs, contract packaging products and services, plastic containers, caps & closures, custom injection-molded and blow-molded components, folding cartons, heat seal cards, full range of medical device packaging glass tubing, tubular vials and ampoules, Ceramis® (SiOx coated film for high barrier lidding), tube laminates, sachet/pouch laminates, sterilizable lidding, blister lidding (standard; Child Resistant and Senior Friendly), cold formed laminate: Formpack™, laminates for tropicalized blisters, for suppositories and for strip packs, scientific glassware and laboratory equipment.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Flexible Packaging Products

Aluminum Slugs

Aluminum slugs are used in an extrusion process to create cans, bottles, pressure tanks and fire extinguishers, as well as tubes and technical parts.

Aerosol Cans

Our extensive market range includes personal care, technical, food and pharmaceutical products, as well as bottles. Alcan Packaging Cebal aerosol and non-aerosol range of products is the largest on the market.

Pharma Flexibles

Our flexible packaging products and services include child-resistant blister packaging, highest barrier formable structures (FormpackTM), all aluminum packages, specialty and sterilizable lidding pouches, strip packs, foil and diagnostics packaging.  Fill structures can be decorated with the latest technology in gravure printing, as well as incorporating pharma codes and 2-D matrices for product recognition.

  • Blister lidding
  • Film for thermoforming - amparis/polybar
  • Formpack cold formed laminates
  • Laminates for pouches/sachets/stick packs
  • Laminates for strip packsLaminates for suppositories
  • Laminates for tropicalized blisters
  • Sterilizable lidding for medical devices
  • Tube laminates

Medical Flexibles

Our Medical Flexibles packaging products and capabilities include single and multi-layer plain and printed films and laminations to bags and thermoformal flexible materials. 

  • Rollstock Product Line-film and foil laminations, coated paper, forming films
  • Bag & Pouch Product Line-self seal pouches, header bags, linear tear bags, centre strip bags, foil pouches

Folding Cartons

Leading edge facilities offer a range of specialty carton printing services, ensuring branding strategy, compliance demands, operational efficiency and quality, and are rigorously applied to every step of the packaging process.


Key products include a full line of stock bottles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and resin types, as well as custom and stock injection molded closures and fitments.  As one of the world`s leading suppliers of rigid plastics packaging, our multi-material, multi-process services include package design and development, graphic design, mold engineering and production, plastic resin selection, decorating, sampling and production.

  • Blow molding
  • Bottles, caps & closures
  • Decoration
  • Injection molding
  • New developments
  • Resins

Science Products

Products include ampoules, cell culture, environmental, kits and accessories, staining dishes, bottles and accessories, chromatography, filtration, liquid handling, vials, caps and closures, desiccators, freezing/cryogenics and racks.

Tube Drawing

With state-of-the-art Banner and Vello drawing processes, our range of glass tubing is particularly suitable for vials, injectable or drinkable ampoules, bottles, disposable medical products and pre-filled syringes. 


Our vials are produced from a low expansion, low-sodium formulation that is commonly described as being ``Pyrexlike``, withstanding temperatures that range from extreme heat to extreme cold.

  • Tubular ampoules
  • Tubular vials


  • Plastic tubes
  • Aluminum tubes
  • Laminated Tubes
  • Heads caps & closures  

Flexible Pharmaceutical Film for Thermoforming Tubular Ampoules

The Beauty market is amazingly innovative: new products are launching at an ever-increasing pace to satisfy demanding, and sometimes unpredictable, consumers.  This is why Alcan Packaging strives to continually offer new packaging solutions that are functional and attractive. We are completely committed to helping our customers promote their brand identities. We have an incredible range of cosmetic packaging solutions for skincare and body care, toiletries, make-up, perfumes and other personal care products.

Beauty & Personal Care Products

Make up and Accessories

Alcan Packaging offers a full range of solutions for eyes, lips and complexion products, applicators and accessories. Our acknowledged technical expertise covers mascara brushes and packaging, pen and lipstick mechanisms and airtight sticks.

  • Compacts
  • Powder boxes
  • Mascaras
  • Eyeliners
  • Lipsticks
  • Slimsticks
  • Make-up sticks
  • Make-up Jars
  • Palettes
  • Make-up Accessories (Applicators, Brushes)
  • Complete make-up line
  • Tottles


We offer a comprehensive service to support your product launches with optimum responsiveness and flexibility. From technical conception to manufacturing via mold design and packaging finishing, our people and partners can meet all your challenges. 

  • Design: engineering departments, 3D simulation, rapid prototyping, mold-flow analysis
  • Techniques: plastic injection
  • Decoration: hot-stamping, silk screen printing, pad printing
  • Finishing: lacquering, varnishing, electroplating, metallizing
  • Fragrance Caps (Plastic Closures)
  • Shells


Whether for custom designs or stock solutions, Alcan Packaging`s people can serve you through their technical expertise, manufacturing know-how, development capability and commitment.

  • Deo-sticks
  • Jars and lids
  • Closures
  • Roll-ons
  • Dispensers
  • Bottles

Hair Care & Toiletries

Supported by the commitment, technical know-how and creativity of its people, Alcan Packaging Decoplast serves your image and brands through a comprehensive set of skills. Our custom solutions and stock products, often developed in conjunction with leading designers, combine innovation and efficiency to constantly offer you new shapes, applications and feels.

  • Bottles
  • Tottles
  • Bath lines 

Bottles, Caps and Closures Fragrance Caps and Shells


Drawing inspiration from images, emotions and the latest trends, our designers work on fabrics, materials, colors and shapes to make your beauty cosmetic product packaging  dreams come true. Our sales teams ensure swift, efficient implementation through our purchasing office in Hong Kong and a network of industrial partners across Asia.

  • Totes
  • Bags
  • Cases & Palettes
  • Other promotional articles (Diaries, boxes, scarves, watches, cuddly toys, umbrellas, stationery, bags, vanity cases, travel articles, small leather goods


  • Plastic Tubes 
  • Aluminum Tubes 
  • Laminated Tubes 
  • Heads, Caps & Closures
  • Aerosol cans
  • Round and Rim shoulder one-piece aerosol cans
  • Screw Neck Cans
  • Shaped Aerosols
  • Embossed/Debossed Cans


By solving a wide variety of packaging challenges using proven material combinations, our high-barrier pouch laminates, bring a new level of flexibility to many applications, including tablets, powders, granules, devices, ointments and liquids. High barrier pouches protect from moisture, light and/or oxygen, while providing a package billboard for excellent product recognition and reinforcement of required regulatory information.

Folding Cartons

We maintain in-house production throughout the process and ensure meticulous quality control and sound planning. We offer complete state-of-the-art graphic and structural design facilities with innovative and creative award winning packaging solutions. The strength of our Design Center is that we will work on samples that can actually be produced on our machines.

Bottles, Caps & Closures

Our plastics operations are vertically integrated, ISO 9002 certified and operate as an extension to our customers` businesses. Our commitment and services range from product launches to project management for all products with the objective of ensuring their success in the marketplace. We offer a comprehensive listing of readily available molds, several of which can be combined to provide complete packages.


Glass ampoules are the ideal packaging material for fluid preparation. Being tamper-proof, transparent, impermeable to gas and resistant to any interaction between container and content, total product safety is guaranteed through these essential properties

Haircare and Toiletry Products Cosmetic Brushes

Alcan Packaging is a leading supplier to the global tobacco industry with manufacturing operations around the world.  Our commitment to the global tobacco industry is built upon continuous investment in the latest technology, process improvements and a clear focus on customer service. This strategic vision has decisively contributed to our global development and has created a strong platform for sustained growth. We are a leading global supplier of cigarette cartons, soft packs, bundle wraps and booklet covers for RYO tobacco papers. The tobacco industry is also supplied with other packaging materials such as film overwraps, printed OPP film, tobacco pouches, and decorated tinplate containers.

Tobacco Products Packaging

Folding Cartons

Alcan Packaging specializes in the production of high quality in-line rotogravure printed tobacco cartons, with manufacturing facilities in Canada (1), Germany (1), Kazakhstan (1), the Netherlands (2), Turkey (1), the United Kingdom (1), and the United States (2) which are all solely dedicated to the production of tobacco packaging. An alliance with the German printing company Edelmann also provides offset and sheet fed gravure printing and hot-foil stamping.

Folding carton products include:

  • Hinge lid blanks
  • Display cartons
  • Shells and slides
  • Booklet covers for RYO tobacco papers
  • Alcan Packaging`s tobacco business has unrivalled expertise in greenfield site development with five new plants being built since 1993. Our scale in the supply of tobacco cartons has enabled entire plants and equipment to be dedicated to one customer.

Technical agreements have been established with other local printers around the world to provide an enlarged network of co-coordinated, low cost, flexible and fast-response manufacturing units in support of common customers.

Flexible Packaging

An extensive range of flexible packaging products is available from Alcan Packaging companies with materials including: reel fed and cut soft pack labels, printed OPP film overwrap, tobacco pouches and bundle overwraps.

Alcan Packaging has been a pioneer in the development of OPP printed film for individual carton overwraps, produced to extremely demanding specifications and is a leader in technology for printing tobacco grade film. As the first company to print in register on shrinkable grade films and on 16 micron tobacco film, we have a firmly established focus on tobacco standards of quality and service.

Flexible packaging products include:

  • Soft packs
  • Bundle wraps
  • Printed OPP film
  • Tobacco pouches
  • Reel-fed inserts 

Decorated Tins

Alcan Packaging produces decorative tinplate containers for the tobacco industry, which add value while still retaining the extra benefits of safe, durable and attractive packaging.

Specific requirements can be catered for in various shapes and sizes, providing an eye-catching pack for any tobacco product.
Decorated tinplate containers products include:

  • Cigar tins
  • Cigarette tins
  • Promotional tins

Rotogravure Printed Tobacco Cartons Decorated Tinplate Tobacco Containers
Visit our website for further information about our company.       

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