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Industry IDS, Inc.
Industry IDS is a developer of information distribution solutions that facilitate communication and information sharing among individuals, businesses and organizations. Our solutions are designed to be built from the ground up and deliver tangible re...
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Manufacturer of packaging machinery equipment such as thermoforming machines, traysealers, chamber machines, conveyor belt machines and labeling machines for packaging food, sterile medical products or non-food articles.
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GOLD SUPPLIERS                      Sponsors    Silver Suppliers    Bronze Suppliers    Other Suppliers
     Actionpac Scales & AutomationManufacturers of Hi Precision Automated Fillings Systems for the Scale Packaging Industry    
     Alliantz Flexible Packaging Pte Ltd.Specializes in Flexible Medical Packaging for All Medical Packaging Needs    
     Allstate Can CorporationManufacturers of Decorative and Industrial Metal Tins for Packaging    
     BoxologySpecialized in Packaging Innovation, Optimization and Design for Consumer Package Engineering    
     Butler Automatic, Inc. Manufacturer of Zero Speed Automatic Splicers, Web Guiders, Roll Handlers and Converters    
     CFS B.V.Suppliers of Processing and Packaging Food Solutions and Equipment    
     CorvagliaDesigners and Molders of Plastic Closures for Soft Drinks, Juices, Edible Oil and Still Water    
     Coven Egidio S.n.c.Manufacturers of Crimping and Filling Machinery for Perfume Manufacturing    
     Dabrico Inc.Automation Systems and Equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries    
     Dienes CorporationSpecialists in Knives, Shears, Slitters, Automatic Positioning Systems and Tooling    
     Drent Goebel GmbHSuppliers of Printing Presses for Commercial, Label, Cardboard and Folding Carton Printing    
     EFD, Inc.Manufacturers of Precision Fluid Application / Dispensing Equipment    
     GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.Ltd.Specializes In Test and Environmental Protection Instruments    
     Industry IDS, Inc.Virtual Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Buyers Guides and Information Resource Centers    
     ITW Hi-ConePlastic Based Multi-Packaging Carriers and Applicators for Beer and Beverage PET Bottles and Cans    
     Kora-PackmatManufacturers of Film Wrapping Machines and Feeding Systems    
     Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.Specializes in Testing Instruments for Food, Cosmetics and Medical Packaging    
     MOCON, Inc.Gas Analysis, Permeation and Leak Detection Systems, and Head Analyzers    
     Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG Specializes in Pet Preform Molds and Hotrunner Technology    
     Multisorb Technologies, Inc.Designs, Develops and Markets Sorbents for Various Types of Packaging Applications    
     MultivacPackaging Machinery Including Thermoforming Machines, Traysealers and Vacuum Chamber Machines    
     Pack-TrackProviders of Service and Information on the Future of Packaging - Packaging Trends and Ideas    
     PerfecsealLeaders in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Packaging Specializing in Manufacturing Films, Lids & Bags    
     ProSys Innovative Packaging EquipmentManufacturers of Automatic, Manual and High Speed Filling Equipment for Tubes, Cartridges & Syringes    
     Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V.Suppliers of Sterilization Equipment, Bottle Blowmoulding Equipment and Aseptic Filling Equipment    
     Sun Chemical DigitalSuppliers of Inkjet Printing Solutions, and UV Pigment Inks for Packaging, and Other Substrates    
     The Adhesive and Sealant CouncilLeader in the Global Adhesive and Sealant Industry Association Community    
     United Bakery Equipment CompanyManufacturers of Band Slicers, Wrappers and Baggers    
     Uson L.P.Pioneers of Automated Leak Detection Equipment for Automotive, Pharmaceutical and General Industries    
     Vacuum Barrier CorporationSpecializes in Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems, Liquid Nitrogen Sealed and Dynamic Pipe    
     Videojet Technologies.Manufacturers of Coding, Printing and Laser Marking Products, Fluids, and Accessories    
     Weiler Engineering, Inc. Specialists in Aseptic Custom Packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries    
SILVER SUPPLIERS                      Sponsors    Gold Suppliers    Bronze Suppliers    Other Suppliers
     Allen Field Company, Inc.Manufacturers of Custom-Designed Fittings for the Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries 
     Bickers Klebetechnik GmbHManufacturers of Adhesives Application Equipment like Pistols, Dosing Units and Adhesive Tables 
     Dr. Lauterbach Partner GmbHBusiness Solutions for Packaging Manufacturers Based On the MySAP ERP Solution  
     Eshuis B.V.Specializes in Innovative Packaging and Labeling Solutions 
     Fanuc Robotics Europe S.A.Leading Suppliers of Robots and Factory Automation 
     Indosa AgSystems, Lines and Components for Manufacturing, Filling and Seaming/Sealing of Cans 
     IndustryDigital Exhibition and Platform for Information Resources in the Packaging Industry 
     Jaydev PackagingSpecializes in Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Solutions for Varied Applications 
     Pinnacle Converting Equipment, Inc.Providers of Converting Equipment and Contract Converting Services  
     Presto Products CompanySuppliers of Private Label Food, Disposable Bags, Packaging Closures and Specialty Stretch Films 
     Scandia Packaging Machinery CompanyManufacturers of Continuous Rotary Motion, Vertical Material Feed Overwrappers Etc 
BRONZE SUPPLIERS                      Sponsors    Gold Suppliers    Silver Suppliers    Other Suppliers
     A and A LabelsManufacturers and Exporters of Offset Printing Materials  
     Ace Pack Co. Ltd.Manufacturers of Paper Cup Machinery and Related Machinery  
     Auto LabeManufacturers of Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment  
     Beijing Guonuo Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd.Specializes in Coding and Marking Applications and Inkjet Printers  
     Carlos Malter GmbHProducers of Bopet-Film (Biaxial Oriented Polyester-Film), Metallization, and Thermoforming Sheet  
     Dongguan Xutian Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.Specializes in Packing Machines and Materials for Various Industrial and Packaging Applications  
     Elmec IndiaSuppliers and Service Providers of Packaging Machinery  
     EuropackManufacturers of Packaging Containers and Packaging Materials  
     Isra Surface Vision Inc.Specialists in Printed and Unprinted Web Inspection Systems  
     Marden Edwards LimitedManufacturers and Suppliers of Over, Stretch and Shrink Wrapping Systems and Product Handling System  
     Nita Equipment IncManufacturers of Labeling Equipment for the Nutraceuticals, Beverage, and Cosmetic Industry Sectors  
     Pan North Plastic Industries Sdn BhdManufacturers and Exporters of All Kinds of Plastic Bags  
     Productive Systems (Pty) Ltd.Manufacturers of Downstream Equipment for Blow Molding Machines  
     Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd.Specialists in Online Solutions for the Packaging Industry  
     Scholle Europe B.V.Providers of Equipment for Filling, Liquid Packaging and Bulk Packaging  
     Vasants Labels Pvt. Ltd.Manufacturers of Various Types of Clothing Labels, Stickers, Tapes and Tags  
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OTHER SUPPLIERS                      Sponsors    Gold Suppliers    Silver Suppliers    Bronze Suppliers
     Sona EnterprisesManufacturers & Exporters of Packaging Boxes, Corrugated Packaging Boxes and More  
     Sona IndustriesLeading Manufacturers of Hot Foil Stamping and Sticker Label Machines In India  
     SonicdaSpecializes In the Exportation of Consumable Materials  
     Sonu IndustriesSpecializes in the Plastics Sector  
     Sonyu Plastic Industries Sdn BhdManufacturers of Packaging Products  
     SOTC Trade Fair ToursSpecialize In Organizing Fair Tours to Leading Exhibitions in Printing and Packaging Industry  
     Sotech Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.Manufacturers of Printing and Converting Machines  
     Sourcology Ltd.Suppliers of Bottles, Jars and Packaging Components  
     South Asian Petrochem LimitedManufacturers of Bottle Grade PET Resin  
     South Island Paper Cups & PrintingManufacturers of Paper Cups  
     South Island Plastics Sdn. Bhd.Specializes in Plastic Packaging  
     Southern Prime PackManufacturers and Exporters of High Quality Paper Products  
     SouzpromplastManufacturers of Packaging Products  
     SP Automation And Packagiing MachineManufacturers and Exporters of All Kinds of Packaging Machines  
     Sp Ultraflex Systems Ltd.Specializes in Quality Converting Machines for Flexible Packaging Industry  
     Spack Laminators Private limitedSpecializes in Co-Extruded Multilayer Films  
     Spareco (India)Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Quality Spare Parts for Compressor  
     Spark Trading CompanySuppliers of Garments and Accessories  
     Speb Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.Leaders in Manufacturing Synthetic Rubber Adhesives  
     Speciality Tapes IndustryManufacturers of All kinds of Adhesive Tapes  
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